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Latest Stark VPN And UcMini Handler Settings For Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat

I've gotten numbers of positive replies for the Glo 0.0kb cheat on AnonyTun. However, if you're experiencing issues with that, here is another setting for Glo 0.0KB free browsing cheat on Stark VPN and UCMini handler.

glo 0.0kb

I noticed also that a lot of Techpaddicts were joyous when you heard that Glo internet connection can turn on without active data. But if your 3G or Edge symbol is still not still coming up, use the new APN setting below. Let's proceed with requirements first.

Requirements For Glo 0.0kb Cheat

As always, you need a Glo SIM with empty credit and data balance, strong 3G/4G network, an android device with either/both Stark VPN and UCMini handler installed.

GLO 0.0KB Cheat APN Settings

» Apn name: TPblog Glo00
» Apn: 9mobile
» Proxy and Port: leave them blank 
» Username and password: leave them blank
» Scroll down to Authentication Type and tick PAP

Now save, and say bye bye to internet connection not coming up!

stark VPN setting for glo 0.0kb

Stark VPN Settings For Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat

Firstly, download Stark VPN.apk here, install it, launch it and configure thus:
  • In Tweaks, select "Glo"
  • Now tap the RED Button to connect.

Now wait a few seconds, and you'll see yourself smilling online! Simply minimize, then start browsing and downloading.

ucmini setting for glo 0.0kb cheat

UcMini Handler Setting For Glo 0.0KB Unlimited Browsing Cheat

For ucmini, you can use your default APN setting. So, download UCMini here, install, open and configure this way:
  • Device user agent = Android
  • Web user agent = Opera
  • Referer type = Real referer
  • Handler download limit = 1000000
  • Tick remove port
  • Proxy type = Real host
  • Custom Header = X-Factor-Web
  • Proxy server =
  • Real proxy type = Default
  • Real proxy port = 80

Now tap on Ok! You can now start browsing. However, to download large files via UC MIni, you need to tweak some settings. Here it is.

How To Download Files On UC Mini Via Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat

The setting will be brief, but detailed enough for your understanding. Let's go:
1. Tap on the file you want to download
2. Then highlight/select the file by long pressing it
3. Now a window will appear, click on Page Info
4. Locate "Link URL" and click " Copy"
5. Open a new tab and visit
6. Scroll down and Paste the copied url and click on " GO "
7. Lastly, click Download

Your download will start at great speed. And remember, Glo 0.0kb is unlimited.

That's all Techpaddicts! Kindly share and tell us how it went via comments. Enjoy!

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12 Responses to "Latest Stark VPN And UcMini Handler Settings For Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat"

  1. does this one has daily usage limit?

  2. Network not coming up again

    1. Kindly use the new APN settings.

  3. Gideon sir!
    The network is not showing even after using the new apn.

  4. Still not showing network

    1. Same thing everywhere bro! You'll be updated once it's fixed

  5. the network is still not coming up after the APN settings and a strong 3g network, what can i do to rectify the issue? kindly reply

    1. Sorry bro! It's a general problem. You'll be updated.

  6. A vry big thurnder will fire glo! Dey think der r smart? Ogun go show dem pepper on day!


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