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Google is Frowning at Uncertified Android Devices

In a bid to keep Android ecosystem clean and safe for use, Google is discontinuing support for uncertified Android phones from using any of its app and services. In fact, some users have reported receiving notifications telling them that their access to Google services has been stopped because their device or the software in it isn't certified.

If Your Device is Not Certified by Google, Apps Won't Run

It has been made compulsory for all handsets manufactured to undergo a process called Google's CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) and CTS (Compatibility Test Suite). After passing these tests and paying a license fee for the use of Google services, manufacturers would be allowed to preload Google's full suite of apps on their devices.

However, not all devices go through this process; some manufacturers skip it, preferring to ship their devices with their indigenous application storefronts and services, like Amazon and other Chinese vendors. Before now, uncertified devices could still use and run Google apps, otherwise called Gapps. But the tech giant has now put an end to that, while still allowing phones running flashed custom ROM to use its apps.

Unfortunately, if you smartphone is not certified, you won’t be able to sign into your google account, nor use any google services at all. But there is surely a way out: Users running custom ROM on a certified device should input thier Android ID in this page provided by Google to get it cleared.

You can use Device ID app to check your Android ID. Another method is by dialing ##8255## or going to Menu » Settings » About Phone » Status. Then you can use Titanum back up to restore your ID.

source: XDA Developer

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