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This Android P Upcoming Bluetooth Feature can Work on your Phone now

We've seen quite a number of leaked features expected to be available in Android P, and here is another one which will likely make it to the upcoming OS. There is this small problem with Android phones that can even make users go deaf. This occurs where maybe you're streaming a song to your wireless speaker at the loudest volume, then you plug in your earphones and boom! the full volume also blasts into your ears.

Android P's awesome Bluetooth volume controls feature

In essense, Android (including Oreo) doesn't remember different Bluetooth volume settings for each device you connect to your phone, you have to adjust it manually. But this might change with Android P, as it is reported that the upcoming operating system will give users the ability to save individual volume settings for every paired Bluetooth device.

This feature will likely roll out in Android P Developer Preview 2 before its final release in prime time this fall, where Android will start storing the last volume used on each device in a preference file and automatically apply them the next you pair that particular device. It's worth noting that this feature is already on the iOS platform, and so, Android users who regularly stream audio to Bluetooth devices will surely love it. But why the wait when you can start using this feature right away?

Use This Feature on Older Android Versions

How to get Android P's awesome Bluetooth volume controls on your phone right now

Thanks to this amazing app called Bluetooth Volume Control, you can set different volumes for all of your connected Bluetooth devices. The application also let users affix default volumes for both music and calls for each connected device. So, if you're listening to music and your phone rings, you can answer it and the call will be at your preferred volume, irrespective of how loud or quiet your music was.

The app works on Android devices running version 4.4 kitkat and above. Lastly, Android P will also ditch the current horizontal volume slider (not button/rocker) in favour of a vertical one with a mute button added below.

source: XDA

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