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Enjoy Mtn 0.0k Free Browsing On Your Symbian Phone

Symbian users can also partake in the flexing of this Mtn 0.0k cheat! Android & Pc users have been enjoying it for quite a long time. After reading this post, symbian users wouldn't be left out!

Incase you don't know, this mtn 0.0k cheat is totally free, you won't pay a dime. Thats why everyone is rushing it.
All what you need are just 3 things, namely;
  1. Your Mtn Sim
  2. Python app
  3. simpleserver app
NOTE: You need to install Python first before the installing SimpleServer to your phone.

Apn Configuration Settings:
Navigate to your phone settings and create a nrw Apn as follows:
  • Name: PopCheat
  • APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • IP:
  • Port: 8080


Simpleserver Configuration For Mtn 0.0k cheat:
Now open the SimpleServer app Acess Point: choose the access point name you created i.e PopCheat
Local Host:
Local Port: 8080

Click On HTTP Query Frontquery: None
Middle Qury: None
Back Query: None
Reverse Query: None
Inject Query:
Inject Method: HEAD
Inject Newline: rn
Inject SplitLINE: Default

Click on HTTP Header
  • Add/Del/Rep Header 1: Host
  • Add/Del/Rep Header 1:
  • Add/Del/Rep Header 2: none
  • Add/Del/Rep Header 2: none
  • Add/Del/Rep Header 3: none
  • Others should be: None

Click On server Config:
  • Fetch Server: none
  • Keep Server: None
  • Url Replacer: None
  • Advaced Mode: yes
  • Tunel Proxy: No
  • Https Connection: yes
  • Server Buffer: 1024
  • Screen size:- Normal
  • Proxy Host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080

Exit and Open it again.
Enjoy! Turn on your data and start browsing free!!


12 Responses to "Enjoy Mtn 0.0k Free Browsing On Your Symbian Phone"

  1. Gaawa VictorFebruary 23, 2016


  2. Wonderful! Thanks oga popcheat

  3. Gbemga DavidFebruary 23, 2016

    Hnm.. Python 6mb :( well you gat use mb to get mb :D . Kudos

  4. Can i set this one like this?? Gad help o

  5. It's connecting and disconnecting.. Help peeps

  6. Gaawa VictorFebruary 23, 2016

    Rusheed visit giditech.heck.in/

  7. Mtcheww!! Yeye site @ gaawa

  8. Mtcheww!! Yeye site @ gaawa

  9. Gaawa VictorFebruary 23, 2016

    Mtcheww!! Yeye site @ Rusheed

  10. richwaparz.mlFebruary 24, 2016

    visit Richwaparz. ml for trending cheats


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