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Is Your Mtn Bblite Misbehaving? See Remedy With This New Trick!

We are all condemning mtn for devaluing the bblite plan (bblited & bblitew) to 10mb & 70mb respectively!
crying whilst browsing
What the h**k do they expect us to do with 10mb?
According to, Sudan pay less than N500 to enjoy unlimited browsing for
30days, Ghana people can use N200 card to watch a live full football match with their device, while Indian people enjoy data bonus up to 100GB for recharging the card, but Nigerians are paying N100 for 10mb data.

IMAGINE!! But don't worry, you are at the right place. Mtn can never out-smart us. After reading this post, you'll be able to subscribe to bblited or bblitew and use your complete 5gb or even more.

mtn bblite reloaded

Supported BB10 Plans
For you to enjoy bblited, you'll have to tweak. But you can use bblitew with netify vpn without tweaking! Just keep reading! I'll tutor you on both.

How To Subscribe & Rock BBLITEW Plan on your Android Device:
See bblitew subscription code here!

First of all, you need to configure your phone APN as follows:
go to settings >> more >> mobile network >> APN settings.

Then set it up as follows.
Port: 8080

You can download netify vpn here!
Now, set it up as follows:
- Front query:
- Back query:,:1080
- Tick remove port
- Proxy type: real host
- Custom header:
- proxy server:
- Real proxy type: inject
- Real proxy port: 80

Remember this works for bblitew (weekly)! While the below method can work for bblited (daily) and even bblitew! Keep reading.
mtn bblite still working

You'll have to tweak your phone's imei to that of a bb10 blackberry device for you to enjoy your bblited/w. And once you do this, you wouldn't need netify vpn, psiphon, simpleserver or any third party app to power it up! It'll work just like your normal mb!

Learn how to to tweak here! Below are the valid bb10 imei

√ 358265010789302
√ 358265014729821
√ 358265013749995
√ 358265017749202.

Read also: How to use bblite on IOS Devices!

That's it guys! Enjoy your bblite to the fullest. Kindly share this post, comment if you have any question and subscribe to get updates directly to your inbox. It's free! Enjoy.

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4 Responses to "Is Your Mtn Bblite Misbehaving? See Remedy With This New Trick!"

  1. Jide DavidsMarch 30, 2016

    I tweaked nd it's Working without psiphon. Great update

  2. Wow, that means tweaking is the best o!

  3. I'm just happy bcos i can share it via hotspot now! :D

  4. mine ain't working


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