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Latest IP And Port For Etisalat Social Me

Guys, so many updates has been going round this socialme. And the latest also the most alarming is the socialme data cap. We are still trying to estimate or confirm this, and we need your comments to do that.

There's a new & fervently fast ip and port for etisalat socialme which i'll share with you guys in this post.
latest ip and port for etisalat socialme

- For weekly plan, dial *343*6*10# @N150
- For monthly plan, dial *343*6*11# @ N500

Navigate to more option menu and edit as follows:
-> Host address:
-> Port = 3128

If you are new to this cheat, see full settings below. But use this host address (ip) and port.

- Full Psiphon settings, click here
- Full Syphon settings, click here
- Full Zyphon settings, click here

Don't forget: Use the above IP & Port.
Kindly share this post on facebook, and comment if you have questions or contributions. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to "Latest IP And Port For Etisalat Social Me"

  1. @gideon,i dnt tink etisalat 0.0kb is stil workin

  2. Does this mean we have to subscribe again?? how about those that got dat limit msg?

  3. Its true me is capped

  4. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    The 0.0 is 100mb capped! Continue using it on another sim

  5. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    @Yoshi ,
    Some guys didn't comment the amount of data they used before it stopped. So, we can't exactly tell the real data cap of the socialme. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  6. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    And how much mb did you use before it stopped?

  7. d #150 is 300mb while #500 is 500mb.......i il advice u to do 1.5gb 4 1k 4 now pendin wen we av a breakthrough

  8. I think is cap at 300mb cos I did not use more than that b4 it stop

  9. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    This is bad!

  10. so u mean etisalat z nuh note working on psiphon?

  11. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    It is working, but you'll get only 300mb for N150 (weekly) just has @peter & @mofe said!

  12. so dat 300 MB z all uve got with 150#.. of it'll still extend after exhausting d 300 MB??

  13. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    I Can't say for now! Let others drop their own experience.

  14. It's not working at all for me. I hav prolite and I've even done the weekly sub. And all the settings too. I unrooted my phone but that shld not affect it, shld it? Help please


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