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Meizu Pro 6 Review: The Good And Bad

The good: The Meizu Pro 6's 10-
core processor delivers speedy
non-gaming performance, the
phone has premium touches like USB-C and a fingerprint sensor and its sub $400 price is relatively cheap.

The bad: A jarring copycat iPhone design, poor gaming performance and awkward navigation that makes the Pro 6 clumsy to use.

The bottom line: The Meizu Pro 6 packs impressive specs into a relatively cheap frame, but it loses key Android functionality in its attempt to look like an iPhone.
good and bad of meizu pro 6

The Meizu Pro 6 looks a lot like an iPhone. The similarities can be hard to get over, but that's likely by design, given the energy the Chinese vendor has clearly put into making an iClone. And though it houses some respectable tech, the Pro 6 tries too hard to be an Apple
product to really excel at being an Android.

The three main areas the Pro 6 is a let down are clumsy navigation, an operating system not fit for western users and, despite having a 10-core processor, surprisingly
weak gaming capabilities.

The conspicuous absence of a
return (back) button is perhaps
most bothersome. With no button, you swipe across the home button panel to go back (or forward). You can also use "smart touch", which puts a small thumbstick on the screen which you can tap to go
back, toggle side-to-side to
navigate between apps, and so on.

Both methods are functional but feel awkward. I never noticed how important the back button of an Android was until I didn't have one.

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