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Oh No! Etisalat Socialme Is Now Data Capped

This is a really sad news as etisalat socialme tweak is no more unlimited. A comment I got in this post by @jesse alarmed me, so i decided to subscribe to the weekly bundle to see for myself (despite the fact i had 3gb).

After browsing for a while, i got this message (below screenshot)
etisalat socialme now capped

After much observations, i
noticed Etisalat socialme tweak is now capped about 2GB.
It's really disappointing and
annoying because this tweak has been saving us from huge amount of money for just small data subscription. But it is still manageable.

I made this post to inform you guys. You can also use etisalat 0.0k tweak which is currently blazing.

If you're new to socialme, see full setup here!

I'm not certain about the data cap, so if you also received the message, tell us how many gigs you used before it stopped. Enjoy.

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12 Responses to "Oh No! Etisalat Socialme Is Now Data Capped"

  1. I just subscribed today just downloaded 300mb and I received that bloody msg "You have reached your Snartpack Maximum Usage " this sucks.!!

  2. Gideon KachiMay 11, 2016

    @Yoshi ,
    8-O 300mb cap!
    Getting scarier.

    Let's find out if that's the real data cap! Kindly tell us how much data (mb/gb) you used before it stopped.

  3. JamzinhoMay 11, 2016

    Add me in your whatsapp group 07019172759

  4. Yeah bro :( e jst b lyk sey dey us cool water tak pour my con use cane dey flog me bt sha i used small,wat 3gb du u hav

  5. @gideon,tel mor abt ur 3gb,coz even if socialme no dey work u go stil get GB wey u dey enjoy...lol :)..tankz

  6. Gideon KachiMay 12, 2016

    Lol, you too like awoof! I did what is called investment.
    You remembered that etisalat free 4gb? Well, na 5 sims carry am o :D

  7. wat ar frnds fr,share smal tak compste me abeg 09091978971@gideon

  8. Gideon KachiMay 12, 2016

    Lol. It can't be shared. Na bonus

  9. @Gideon,i nid cheat oh....!!! :),ur replies ar compstin thumps up

  10. Keep it up pls add me up on ur whatsapp group

  11. Keep d gud work up,pls add me up on ur whatsapp group 08037968485

  12. Gideon KachiMay 13, 2016

    alright bro.


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