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Sms And Download Scheduler: Two Perfect Apps For Mtn Night Plan

Times without number, so many people had subscribed to this mtn night plan only to doze off and wake up the next morning with frustration and regret written all over their face! Because they didn't even use 1kb. Imagine how his/her face will look like :ranger: :mrgreen:

Some even go to extent of drinking coffee, licking sugar and many other things just to stay awake for the night browsing.

Well, with these two apps i'm presenting; Sms scheduler and Download scheduler, you will be rest assured of your night plan not wasting. Follow me.

SMS Scheduler is a simple tool for automatically sending sms messages with chosen frequency and time.
sms scheduler for night plan

With this sms scheduler, you don't need to manuallysubscribe to the night plan. Just open the app and configure it.

Write the recipient number (131), message (night), frequency (put everyday if you want to be automatically subscribed to mtn night plan everday or once if not), set the time you want the message to be delivered and you're done!

Where Can I Download Sms Scheduler
download sms scheduler .apk here

All thanks goes to an intelligent member of Team PopCheat for bringing these apps on table.

Download scheduler is also an awesome app that start the download of files (chosen by you) at a date / time that's also assigned by you.

No much stories, i know you've gotten my point. Automatically subscribe to the night plan using sms scheduler and auto download using download scheduler.

Where Can I Download- Download Scheduler? (oyinbo oshí :mrgreen:)
Download it here.

You can also use it as an extension to your Firefox browser. And organise your downloads using ADM Pro

That's it guys! Enjoy your sleep while these app do the work for you. Help us share this post and comment your testimonies or questions. Enjoy!

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