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Tired of Low Battery Shutdown? Buy This Cheap but Powerful Power Bank

The importance of Power Banks cannot be over-emphasized as it plays a very important role as means of alternative charging especially in this period of epileptic power supply we get in Nigeria.

I am using one, and ever since I started using it, i haven't for once complained of low battery. But the main task is how to identify an original power bank from a fake one.

power bank

3 Tips to Identify A Fake Power Bank

1. It has no Brand Name: Please run away from a power bank that has no brand name on it. Instead, what is written on them is just "Power Bank."

2. Exaggerated Power Ratings: You will see a very tiny power bank with the inscription of 50,000mAh written on it. They are deceptive!

3. LightWeight: Most fake Power banks weighs very light. You will see a power bank with 50,000mAh capacity on a tiny case and even with fancy looks. Please pick race 😂.

original power bank

How To Verify An Original Power Bank
  • Original power Bank comes with a brand name.
  • The mAh capacity are measured and not exagerated.
  • Original power banks don't come fancy with too much LED lights decoration.
  • Original power banks are a bit heavier
  • Original power banks are plain, unlike some that has music players, fake solar panel, etc.
  • They charge for longer hours, though, it depends on the capacity. Some also comes with fast charge technology.
  • Prices of original power banks are decent

» It gets your mobile devices well powered up with full bars any where you go.

» It works with all USB enabled smartphones and helps limit the frustration of having a dead phone or battery where you don't have your charging device with you.

» Power banks are very very portable; you can use it at home, while travelling (aeroplane or bus), everywhere.

» You'll experience the fastest charging of your life!

» It comes with a USB charger and with different colors.

» It is very cheap, you can get one with just N2,000 from jumia here and also on Konga here (click to buy).

With a powerbank "No More Low Battery Shutdown"

Use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly purchase your ORIGINAL Power Bank
Buy from Jumia
Original Power Bank

Power Bank

Some brands churning out good powerbanks are Xiaomi (MI), Anker, Oriamo, Jackberry, iMuto, iceworks, MaxOak, Qi-infinity, etc. Feel free to add yours via comments and kindly share this.


8 Responses to "Tired of Low Battery Shutdown? Buy This Cheap but Powerful Power Bank"

  1. Can we see it here in East!!!!

  2. Gideon KachiAugust 07, 2016

    Yea, use the buy now button. Jumia is everywhere! And you pay on delivery.

  3. Can we know the mAh for the power bank?

  4. Gideon KachiAugust 18, 2016

    It has 3000mAh capacity.
    On Konga, it now costs N1,500. Kindly follow the link above to buy.

  5. thnks sure i will get it @www.slashnec.tk

  6. Gideon KachiAugust 19, 2016

    Thanks for the comment bro.

  7. What is the brand name of this power bank you are talking about?

    1. Hi bro! I made available names of brands that produces good Power banks.

      They include PBs from Xiaomi (MI), Anker, Oriamo, Jackberry, iMuto, iceworks, MaxOak, Qi-infinity, etc


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