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Why MTN Recharge Cards Are Still Been Sold at Increased Prices

All MTN recharge card vendors may end up having zero profit if they sell at face-value prices. Yea! N100 and N200 naira MTN recharge cards are now being sold for N110 naira and N210 respectively by some sellers. But the big question is "why?"

I've been to a lot of recharge card sellers kiosks and once they announce to a customer that they sell at N110, some of them murmur and walk away, calling them thieves. But this is not the fault of the sellers, as you can't run a business without profit.

With MTN claiming they're not responsible for the price increment and also advising customers to buy face value prices only, this knot is becoming more complicated. I guess you saw the SMS they sent.
mtn advises to buy face value price of recharge card

Recharge Card Channel of Distribution
After searching, I got the new price list of mtn recharge cards for both bulk and wholesale, and trust me, it's on the rise. Unlike Airtel which price came down from N980 to N970 last month.

Bulk buyers sell to wholesalers who then sell to retailers that sell to you and I. Hope you remember commerce, lol.

Bulk Price
mtn bulk price list

The above picture shows the new & increased price of MTN recharge card. Formerly:
MTN 100 was N965
M200 was N1930
M400 was N3860
M500 was N4825 etc.

Wholesale Price

M100 FULL means 1 pack, and it consists of 10 mtn 100naira recharge cards, while HALF consists of 5. This is also the increased price, and formerly it was; M100 = 980, then it changed to N990, showing no sign of hope, it increased to N1000.

So if wholesalers sell 1 (full) pack of M100 to retailers at N1000 naira, and the retailers sell each for N100, there will be no gain for them.
mtn card sellers gain infographic

The image above best describes the situation petty sellers are facing. They are barely making 20 naira gain, and that's why I appreciate Glo for keeping their price stable at N950, giving sellers N50 gain without selling for N110.

So if you know you're not ready to pay the 10 naira, kindly make use of mobile topup, ATM topup, DYA topup, VTU, ZOTO, etc.

We've seen why recharge card prices are still hitting the roof, but who, or what do you think is responsible for this?

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2 Responses to "Why MTN Recharge Cards Are Still Been Sold at Increased Prices"

  1. Joe JuniorApril 27, 2017

    Na Buhari cos am. 😀

  2. Classic thieves. I bow for MTN

    They wash their hands from it as if it's not their work.


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