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Watch Video of How Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Explodes in India

The rate at which smartphones are exploding in recent times is becoming alarming. Last year, popular phones like Galaxy Note 7 had over 70 explosions recorded in the US, an iPhone 7 was in flames in China, some months back here in Nigeria, reports came in that Infinix Hot 4 blew up in a lady's pocket causing burns & bruises on her skin.

The latest phone explosion case is of Xiaomi redmi note 4, which happened in a shop in Bengaluru, India. Sources hinted that the owner of the phone took it to the service center for inserting a new SIM card, but immediately the shopkeeper ejected the SIM slot to insert the SIM card, the phone bursted into flames, without it even being connected to a charger. Thankfully, nobody was injured inside the store.
Watch Video of How Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Explodes in India

The entire incidence has been captured by the CCTV camera used inside the shop and was uploaded on Youtube, prompting the owner of the exploded Xiaomi redmi note 4 phone to file a case against the manufacturer at a police station in Bengaluru.

The incidence occured on July 17, 2017, and according to reports from Indiatimes, Xiaomi recalled the device to investigate, saying that this all happened because of using a faulty charger. The company had also claimed that they found signs of physical damage.

However, Xioaomi had still replaced the damaged phone with a brand new Redmi Note 4 within two days.

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5 Responses to "Watch Video of How Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Explodes in India"

  1. Bad market. So Xiaomi can explode? after all the over hyping.. Lol

  2. Changed within two days!
    In Nigeria, it would take 1 month to investigate, and 1 year to change it.

    I will comot for this Nigeria go my village 😂

  3. Xiaomi has joined the league!! Laughing in Spanish.

    1. They will be relegated!! Sure thing 🙅

  4. Omo! The fire from that phone can fry 3 crates of guinea eag. 😂


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