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Truecaller new Update Adds Contact Backup and Restore Feature

I can bear the pain of losing my smartphone, but not my contacts - hell no! That's why the latest Truecaller update has added a new feature which enables users to safely backup their contacts and restore it at any given time.

Truecaller contact backup and restore

With this new contact backup feature on the popular caller ID app, you can now create a secured backup of not only your phone contacts, but also its settings, call history and logs to your Gmail account. You can as well restore them at will using the backup and restore wizard provided by Truecaller.

The importance of this feature cannot be overemphasized, as you can seamlessly transfer all your contacts from one Android device to another, which is helpful when switching to a new phone or using a new SIM card.

How Truecaller Contact Backup Works

A private folder will be created on your Google Drive to store the contact. Truecaller claimed it doesn't have access to the folder containing the contacts that were backed up, so third party apps won't access to it too.

How to Backup Your Contacts With Truecaller

  • Update your Truecaller app via Google Play Store, aunch it and enable the backup feature via the wizard or within the app settings
  • Select the Google account where you want the backup to be stored
  • Lastly, grant Truecaller access to Google Drive, and your contacts will be saved there
  • You can choose to back up your contacts daily or monthly within the app settings

How to Restore Contact on Truecaller

  • Add up the same Google account you used while creating the backup
  • Uninstall and reinstall Truecaller on your device and you'll be prompted to restore
  • Wait for the restore to finish and restart Truecaller

It's worth noting that back-up is tied to your phone number and Google account, and restoration is done during activation through the wizard. Also, pictures and ringtones of the contacts won't be restored; only the contacts, call log, search history, unknown numbers identified by Truecaller, app settings and Blocklist will be restored.

The contact backup and restore feature is available on Truecaller version 11.6.0 and above.

source: Truecaller

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