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WhatsApp new Feature to Allow you Demote Group Admins

WhatsApp groups have been getting some touches and added features in recent times, which will make it more fun, safe and interactive. We earlier saw the Admin super powers that bestowed more authority upon group administrators to restrict subject modifications and disable chats and media sharing for a certain period.

WhatsApp group

Well, the popular instant messenger is testing another new feature called “Demote as admin” which will be enable a group administrator to dismiss other administrators without completely kicking or removing them from the group.

If you want to stop someone from being an admin in your group when this feature wasn't available, I.e before, you must first remove he/she from the group, then re-add him/her, where the person will now be a normal participants. Now, you won't go through this stress anymore with the new demote as admin feature, as you can dismiss an admin without removing the person from the group.

dismiss and demote as admin in WhatsApp group

You will understand the true importance of this “Admin Super Power” and “Demote as Admin” feature WhatsApp is preparing only if you've experienced a coup de' tat on your own WhatsApp group, where you'll add someone as admin, then the person will kick you out.

Beta testers who are group administrators can enjoy this feature on WhatsApp version 2.18.12 for iOS and Android devices. It will hopefully be released to all normal WhatsApp users in a future date.

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