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WhatsApp now Restricts Mininum Age to 16 Years old

Nowadays, kids just flock into any social networks and instant messenger they hear about. This is one reason a lot of people dumped 2GO, a well-known IM some years back because they didn't handle the age restriction of users seriously. Now Whatsapp has raised its minimum age requirement to 16. However, WatsApp is placing this restriction for a different reason, and also, it is only applicable to users in Europe.

WhatsApp now Restricts Mininum Age to 16 Years old

A new GDRP privacy standards is taking effect in Europe next month which requires all online service to place 16 as the minimum age at which a person can join. Before now, WhatsApp users were required to be no younger than 13 years old, but in order to comply with the new regulations users, a 16 years old minimum age restriction has been introduced in Europe.

This change has also reflected in WhatsApp's updated terms of service and privacy policy; you'll notice the new age requirement is now at least 16 years old. But how will the company be able to verify that users are truely of the minimum age required? Another headache for them.

It is important to note that WhatsApp users living outside Europe still have the same 13 years old minimum age requirement. Besides this new age implementation, the popular instant messenger also announced that users will soon be allowed to download and see the ‘limited’ data that it collects when you use WhatsApp.

This feature will be released as an update in the new WhatsApp version that's coming soon. It will be made available to users all over the world, rolling out in the next few weeks.

source: WhatsApp

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