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Telegram's Latest Update is MASSIVE; Up-to Seven new Features

Telegram has just announced a massive update for users on the iOS and Android versions of its mobile app. This new update packs new features and improvements which are accessible on both operating systems, however some of them are a bit limited to the Telegram Android platform.

Telegram's Latest Update is MASSIVE;  Up-to Seven new Features

First of, this new update gives users the ability to change already-sent images and videos. With this new feature, Telegram users will be able to replace a media files they sent by mistake with the correct one, with an option to add captions too.

Also, there is a new feature dubbed double-time playback which is useful when you receive long voice note and want to quickly listen to it or just hear some part of it. This feature allows Telegram users adjust to 2x playback and listen to voice and video messages faster.

telegram for iOS

Thanks to this new update also, you can now mark messages as read and unread. And lastly, apart from phone numbers, users can now share more information about a contact, including vCard fields. All features started above are available both on the Telegram Android and iOS app platforms.

Meanwhile, as I previously mentioned, Android users will be getting three additional features that aren't yet accessible on iOS. The first on the list allows users to preview chats by applying the tap and hold sign on profile pictures in the chats

Secondly, there is a newly added "create link" option for users on Telegram which can be accessed from the formatting menu and used to make text URLS. Lastly, there is a new feature that enables users stop sending messages prior to it being sent.

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