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Why is Zoto Messing up? See Other Alternative Apps

What on earth is happening to Zoto?
Recently, twitter and other social media platforms have been flooded with questions and complaint about the airtime, data, and utility bills payment app.

What is Happening With Zoto? Have they pack up?

Transactions have failed, and even become unavailable, no more mails to disturb us from “Zubby,” no response to mails and even on social media. The company’s Twitter handle has not made any post in this month of July, with the last post in June. There are also no responses to the complaints of angry customers.

The complaints even go as far as the Google play store as the overall rating of the app has done down. Worst is that so users have money in their wallet and it is just caged there because all transactions on the Zoto app are failing.

Alternative to Zoto

There are many fishes in the ocean.
  • You can go for TopUp Africa as the app can be used to buy airtime, data, cable TV subscriptions, water, electricity and other utilities, and they also offer big cashback and rewards.
  • Another option is VTpass, perfect for all utility payments including airtime, data, educational payments, PayTV subscriptions, etc.
  • NowNow is also a great for airtime, data and utility payments. You can source promo codes for cash-backs and rewards.

You can add yours via comments, but what is really happening to Zoto??

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1 Response to "Why is Zoto Messing up? See Other Alternative Apps"

  1. It's unfortunate that Zoto is acting up, but there are other similar apps and tools that you can find at alternatives.co which perform the same functions and have the same features. I highly recommend checking out the site to find an app that suits your lifestyle better.


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