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Facebook is Developing its own Smart Speaker Dubbed Aloha

Facebook is gradually shifting from being just a social media platform, and is trying its hands in some other technological fields. Over the years, there has been an increased demand for smart speakers, and it has been long-rumored that Facebook is gearing up the launch of its own wireless voice-controlled speaker.

Facebook is Developing its Smart Speaker Dubbed Aloha

Although this area of the market is dominated by Amazon, with Google not so far behind and Apple expected to make waves with the HomePod. There is also one major competitor lurking in the dark, waiting for when the time is right so as to take the market by storm. This competitor is none other than the social media giant–Facebook.

The “Aloha” project by Facebook was brought to light again by a youthful developer Jane Manchun Wong, was able to hold a short talk with an internal “Aloha Voice Testing” tool. This ongoing project is expected to rival the likes of Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.

Not much is known about the smart speaker yet because most of its features are still restricted to internal workers. Even the name it'll be called isn't confirmed. However, it is somewhat clear that Facebook, at least, intends to release it on Android version of Messenger.


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