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Easy Way to Share Your Internet Connection From iPhone

Easy Way to Share Your Internet Connection From iPhone

Do you want to use your iPhone's internet on your Windows PC? If your carrier allows it, you can turn your iPhone into a personal internet hotspot and use it as a Wi-Fi access point on your Windows PC. You can also connect devices to this hotspot through USB tethering or via Bluetooth.

Things You Should Know

  • When using a Personal Hotspot, set it up in your Cellular Data settings. Input a password, then join the Hotspot on your Windows computer.
  • For Bluetooth, pair your phone to your PC. Right-click the device, click "Connect using", then "Access Point".
  • To use USB tethering, download iTunes. Use the proper cables to connect your device, then select your iPhone as the computer's network.
  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings. This may be located in a folder labeled "Utilities". Make sure to update your iPhone.
  2. Tap Cellular. This will be located underneath Bluetooth.
  3. Toggle Cellular Data on. This will need to be enabled in order to turn on the wireless hotspot.
  4. Tap Set Up Personal Hotspot. This button only appears if you've never used the personal hotspot before. If you have used the personal hotspot before, you'll see Personal Hotspot. 
  • After setting up your personal hotspot for the first time, the Personal Hotspot option will appear in the main Settings menu. 
  • If this is grayed-out or missing, your carrier may not support a personal hotspot or you may need to upgrade your data plan. For a list of carriers that support wireless hotspots, see this Apple support page.

5. Enter a password and tap Done.

This is the password you'll need to use the Personal Hotspot.
  • Your password must contain at least 8 characters. If you choose to change the password later, this will disconnect any users or devices using your Personal Hotspot.
6. Toggle on Allow Others to Join. Directions will appear on the bottom of the screen.

7. On your Windows computer, click the Networks icon. You'll see this in the System Tray in the lower-right corner of the screen

8. Select your iPhone's wireless hotspot and click Connect. The name of the network will be the name of your device.
  • If you're using Windows 11, click the arrow next to your Wi-Fi connection, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled, and then click your hotspot.
  • To change your iPhone's name, you can go to Settings → General → About → Name. Enter a device name, then tap Done.
9. Enter the password for the network and click Next. This is the password you created earlier on your iPhone. After connecting, your computer will be able to connect to the internet using your iPhone's Personal Hotspot.


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