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How to Hide Number on MTN While Calling In Nigeria

How to Hide Number on MTN While Calling In Nigeria

Learn How to Hide Number on Mtn anytime you want to call someone. You can now hide your phone number when calling another number on mtn. Just follow the guidelines in this post carefully.

Many factors contribute to people hiding their phone numbers when calling others.

Sometimes people hide their phone numbers so they can call their customers who have ignored their calls or are refusing to pay them money, while others do it to amuse their friends.

The information in this article will guide you on how to properly hide numbers on MTN, no matter what might be prompting you to hide your number.

On MTN, there are three primary methods to hide phone numbers:

The USSD code is *31#.
Using phone settings.
Including #31# to the recipient’s phone number before dialing.

USSD codes 
The MTN hide number service with the USSD code *31# is that which lets your number appear as unknown or private to the person you’re calling. 

There are diverse ways to activate this service, and while one offers for just your number to be hidden at a particular time of call, they also offer another option to keep the number private to all the contacts you call.

Since MTN has vast coverage in at least 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East, the communication network makes sure they make available different codes to use in different countries.

How to Hide Number on MTN using the USSD Code in Nigeria
The USSD code to use to hide a number on MTN in Nigeria is *31#. Here are the steps to hide the number on MTN in Nigeria.

Alternatively, you can also dial #31# before the number you wish to call. Your number will automatically be hidden from the particular number you want to call.


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