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New Android Virus Called Godless, It Can Destroy 90% Of Your Phone

Android OS is under attack by a very deadly malware/virus which can completely destroy its victim's device. This malware called Godless has been recently discovered, and it claims to targets devices running Android Lollipop or earlier. Godless Malware virus

The above image shows countries which Godless Virus has penetrated, and as you can see, India is taking number one spot with affected android devices clocking 46%. This is quite surprising as approximately 1 billion Indians don't browse. So how come did this malware hit them so hard? (reports coming soon).

Godless seems to be attacking more android devices in Asia, as Indonesia and Thailand are reportedly the second and third countries infiltrated with this dangerous malware. Let's take a look at some facts about this virus below.


  1. Godless repeatedly downloads unwanted apps, silently install them, and often display malicious ads.
  2. Godless uses a framework called "android-rooting-tools" to gain root access to Android-based devices.
  3. Godless has already infected over 850,000 devices worldwide, bad actors delivered it through malicious applications deployed in legitimate app stores, including Google Play.
  4. Godless also installs back-doors and spy on users.
  5. Even if your Android device is not rooted, Godless will root it for you without you knowing.
  6. Numerous applications on Google Play store were found to be containing malicious code affiliated to Godless.

This virus is really bad mehn, lets see some preventive measures, because if your android device gets affected with Godless, you won't be able to use the phone unless Android comes up with a counter attack against this virus (which I hope they'll do soon)


  1. >>Always review the developer when downloading an application, and should be wary of unknown developers with very little or no background information, as they could be the source of malicious apps.
  2. Download apps from trusted stores.
  3. Stay away from playstore for now

Android operating system has been vulnerable to malware attacks but always find a way out, we hope they do so against Godless. Kindly share this.

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4 Responses to "New Android Virus Called Godless, It Can Destroy 90% Of Your Phone"

  1. :( very scary! Is this all we shuld do?

  2. Gideon KachiJune 24, 2016

    for now, just watch your downloads! and chillax, it's not ebola na :grin: :mrgreen:

  3. My God so i was nt drmin, it was dis sam virus dat destroy my galaxy last month when i was tryin 2 download dat 4g internet boosta, Jesus chris prayin nt to affect my recnt 1 cuz 1ce affected dffernt app i dnt instal, kip instalin into my system app nd it kip openin itself, i even tried flashin bt was nt helpful, pls guys his nt lyin cuz am a vitim of it, u cn imagine i abadon my fone nd memory card cuz of virus

  4. Gideon KachiJune 24, 2016

    Thanks for telling us the reality of this virus. And also, i'll hastily delete that 'internet 4G Booster'.


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