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Checkout 7 Abnormal-Looking Smartphones in The World

This is just reminding me of 'Nkan Nbe' Yoruba TV program, meaning 'strange but true.' When a smartphone deviates from being in a flat rectangular shape (which is considered the standard phone shape), then you'll get something strange and abnormal.
Checkout 7 Abnormal Looking Smartphones in The World

Nowadays, few smartphone companies have passed all breaking points and added unique designs that drifts off from the 'standard,' and I bet you haven't seen anything like this before. So here are the 7 abnormal looking devices, check them out.

1. Cat S60
cat s60

This phone has millitary looks, very bulgy! Being one of the most durable smartphones in the world, it has a drop-to-concrete resistance up to 1.8 m- MIL-STD-810G certified – salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport, thermal shock resistant and IP68 certification for water resistance. Those bulgy cameras is also a selling point.

2. Yotaphone

I'm sure you've heard of dual-cameras, dual-sim, etc. But what about dual screen? Yotaphone is the world's first dual-screen smartphone. Meaning both front & back of this device is an always-on screen which you can customise with state-of-the-art widget. Wawu!!

3. Dior Reveries
Dior Reverie

Don't be surprised, this phone costs about 4.4million naira, making it one of the most expensive phones worldwide. The device sports an LCD touch screen which is decorated with 1,539 diamonds, 46 pieces of pearl and 18-carat white gold.

4. LG G Flex
LG G Flex

Everything in this phone is curved, even the battery. LG G flex is the world’s first smartphone with a curved display. It also has a self-healing back panel that heals itself from scratches.

5. Moxi Bendable Phone
Moxi Bendable Phone

Moxi is a Chinese OEM, and this flexible prototype from them uses graphene to accomplish the task of bending. The phone can be also be worn as a bracelet or wristband.

6. Runcible

Runcible probably looks like a pancake make-up kit, but it's not. It's a smartphone in circle shape, made of sustainably sourced hardwood and upgradable electronics. Runcible can do all what a smartphone does like making calls, texting, taking pictures & videos, browsing the web, etc.

7. AQUOS Crystal
AQUOS Crystal

Sharp's AQUOS Crystal is simply bezelless! With groundbreaking edgeless screen design, which makes you feel totally immersed in whatever you're viewing. It also comes with a "Framing Advisor" to help you align images well.

What's your take on them? Kindly share.

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2 Responses to "Checkout 7 Abnormal-Looking Smartphones in The World"

  1. The first image though..

    But Kachi, you funny oo!

  2. Phone wrapped with precious jewels. That should be in the bank and not in someone's pocket.


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