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Samsung Galaxy X (SM-GN888N0) Smartphone Will Feature A Foldable Display

South Korean OEM, Samsung Mobile, seems to be leading the race to produce a foldable smartphone, as the company's CEO has reportedly confirmed rumours about this few weeks back. Though, the concept of a smartphone or tablet that would have a fold-able display is nothing new, dated back to early 2009 where LG and even Xiaomi have been reported to have patented fold-able Smartphones.

Samsung galaxy x

As gathered, the name of the fold-able smartphone is Samsung Galaxy X, and it might be unveiled by the end of 2018. The device has the model number SM-GN888N0, thanks to the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) certification (South-Korea based) which was filled on Sept. 21.

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That model number has for long been associated with the long rumored fold-able Smartphone from Samsung. Similar Samsung phone with same SM-G888N0 model number had earlier been certified by both Wifi Alliance & Bluetooth SIG certification back in April & July respectively. Neither of these regulatory bodies has given us a glimpse of what the device might bring on board.

NIRA certificate for samsung galaxy x

The Samsung galaxy X with model number SM-G888N0 will pose as one of the very first few fold-able smartphones to hit the market and just that feature alone could be its most notable selling point.


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