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Disgrace Anyone Looking at Your Phone Screen With This

The last thing you'd wish for is someone peeking on your smartphone, and annoyingly, this happens almost every time in public transports, events, and other functions. Well, Google is working on a technology dubbed 'electronic screen protector', which will alert you on the slightest glimpse at your smartphone screen.

The electronic screen protector makes use of the phone's selfie camera together with eye-detecting artificial intelligence to alert and show you the person peeking on your screen. Watch this video to see its amazing work.

As you can see from the video, the software interrupted a Google messaging app to catch the peeper red-handed through the front camera view. He/she will be given a Snapchat-esque vomit rainbow on their face. What a disgrace!

According to Google researchers, Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff, the system can work with different lighting conditions and poses. Amazingly, the electronic screen protector—which will be presented next week at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in California—can recognize a person’s gaze in just 2 milliseconds.

This will surely be welcomed with open arms once available to the public, as the peeping perpetrators will even feel ashamed once they find out they've been busted, and gradually this bad habit will be curbed.

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