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Twitter Thread Feature Will be Available in the Next Update

In a bid to have a more organized flow of tweets, popular social media Twitter has added thread view to its platform. The Twitter thread is a line of tweets sent as a reply to each other. It was first created by users as a way to connect-together all the tweets under a topic, thus making them easy to read in one place.


Each line will contain a tweet with the usual 280 character limit. Media files like GIFs, images, videos, etc can also be added to any individual tweet in the thread, just as it's done directly on Twitter.

A button will be available—while writing a tweet—which if tapped on, will enable users link a second, third or fourth tweet to it. Once you're through, simply hit 'Tweet all' and the entire thread will be posted at once. In case you want to add to the thread later, you can do that with the new 'Add another tweet' button.

3 Easy Steps to Create a Twitter Thread

  1. Compose the first tweet the way you would compose a normal tweet
  2. To add another tweet, tap the plus button
  3. Repeat the second step to add as many tweet to your thread as possible
  4. Tap the publish button once you are done

How to Identify a Twitter Thread

Twitter threads will have a 'Show this thread' label. Tapping it will open the entire thread and opening any of the tweets in the thread would let you see the previous and subsequent tweets.

However, it's important to note that there's a current limit of 25 entries in a thread, but that might change depending on how the feature is adopted. It will be available on iOS, Android and web versions of Twitter in the coming weeks.

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