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Block Third-party Apps Using new Facebook Bulk Removal Tool

There are so many apps and services which makes use of your facebook details to sign-up before using them. Though, they request permission, showing the informations they'll take from your account, the truth is that not everyone reads it and so yiu may end up approving services that takes sensitive data from your account.

Facebook Launches Bulk app Removal Tool to clean up Your Privacy Settings

Your privacy shouldn't be taken unseriously, that's why you should regularly check and remove certain apps that have access to your Facebook account. You can leave those you trust, but get rid of others which you no longer use or don't even know their work; if not, they could pose as a problem later on.

Now, the social media giant—Facebook has released a new tool that allows you to remove as many third-party apps as possible, including posts those apps may have published on your account. This is amazing, as it will ginger your privacy and block services you no longer use. It also makes it much more easier for users to take full control of their data and protect their identity.

The launch of this new bulk app removal tool is in the wake of the massive data extortion scandal in which data firm Cambridge Analytica harvested information on 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge. So Facebook is practically trying to make things right!

How to Block Third Party Apps on Facebook Using the Bulk Removal Too

How to use on Desktop

  1. Go to the Facebook settings on desktop and click on Apps where you’ll see all the third party apps connected to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on any number of the apps you’d like to disconnect, and use the remove button at the top of the screen to do so.
  3. You’ll receive a prompt to delete all posts those apps may have shared on your timeline, page or profile. Hit the delete button and that's all.

Screenahot Guide

screenshot showing how to remove third-party apps using the new facebook bulk removal tool

How to use on Mobile

Simply tap on the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar at the top, and scroll down to settings, then click on Apps section.

In addition, Facebook stated that apps which hasn't be used in three months will be automatically removed from a user account.

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