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Latest Trick to get Unlimited Free Airtime on Opera News

Few days ago, we shared information that Opera News is dishing out free airtime through its new referral program. But the fact is not everyone is good at referring friends, that's why Techpaded is here with a trick which will help you get as many airtime as you like without trying to convince anyone to download the app.

Latest Trick to get Unlimited Free Airtime on Opera News

If you don't know, Opera News is an amazing entertainment app that delivers trending news and videos to users. That's why it got over 1 million downloads in less than 4 weeks; ranking as the number one news app on Google Play Store in Nigeria. So don't get it twisted, Opera News is not the same with Opera Browser/Opera Mini, but both apps are developed by the same company.

Requirements for Opera News Trick

  • Two Android phones
  • ID Changer (apk) app
  • Data on both phones

How it Works

When you download the Opera news app, you'll get free N50 airtime at first, then when you refer a friend to do the same, you get free N100 airtime. But things are about to change with this trick, start preparing for unlimited free airtime.

4 Steps to get Unlimited Free Airtime on Opera News Using ID Changer

I earlier told you that we will need two smartphones, so let's name them Phone-1 and Phone-2 for the sake of this tutorial.
  1. The first step is to use your Phone-1 referral link to download Opera news app on Phone-2. You will get ₦100 airtime on Phone-1, while Phone 2 will be given ₦50 credit.
  2. Now, uninstall Opera News app from Phone-2, then download ID Changer on it. It is a safe app to change your phone ID, but write down your original phone ID so you can reverse back after using the trick.
  3. id changer
  4. After changing your ID, download Opera News again using your Phone-1 referrals link and you will get another N100 airtime.
  5. Continue repeating the steps to get more and more airtime which you can use to call, text, browse and subscribe.

To withdraw your airtime, simply launch Opera News app, tap on the "Me" button at the far bottom-right corner, click "my balance", select "buy airtime", choose the amount you want and type your phone number.

Remember, no free airtime and free browsing for lazy man. Kindly share this trick and tell us how it went for you by commenting below. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to "Latest Trick to get Unlimited Free Airtime on Opera News"

  1. Nice One, Nice Tricks Thanks Man

  2. My opera news account has been blocked. Is there a way I can withdraw my money? I still have #400 in that account


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