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You may go to Jail if you Purchase This Type of Phone

Sometimes ago, i posted some of the dangers of second hand phones which you should definitely check out, but the ones trending now are London/UK used. Though, both are still 2nd hand, but did you know odds are high that you might end up in jail if you're using or you buy the latter? Let's proceed, but make sure you share and comment on this post at the end because your thoughts and experiences are needed.

Buying “London Used Phones” Could Land You in Jail

So, in recent times, London, UK and Belgium used phones have become so popular and widely used by many Nigerians and Africans at large. Most people even wait for latest smartphones to be announced (like the new Samsung Galaxy S9), then two or three month after the phone is launched, you'll start seeing London used models at half the original price. The affordability is the major reason why people go for overseas used phone, but have you ever asked yourself “why is this phone so cheap?”

In most cases, these phones have been stolen in other countries. As reported in April by The Sun UK, the growing number of smartphone thefts in the UK is linked to the London-used phone boom in Nigeria — Lagos especially. A gang of robbers is reported to be going around snatching smartphones (mostly iPhones) from pedestrians on the streets of the UK. In 2017 alone, there were reportedly 16,158 phone crimes linked to the gang. Then most of them end up in Computer Village, Emeka Offor Plaza, and some websites as London use phones.

You may go to Jail if you Purchase This Type of Phone

The Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Commander posted on his twitter account few days ago to inform everyone that London use phones will get you in trouble with the Police if you take it to UK, US, Germany, South Africa etc because they have been marked as stolen, robbed or been used for fraud.


So that's it. I personally don't like used or second hand phones because they might have been stolen and it can lead to your arrest for a crime you didn't commit, there is no guarantee and warranty, you may spend more on repairs, and it's generally waste of money. I prefer using unpopular phone brands.

What do you think?

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