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YouTube new Feature Reminds you to SUSPEND Watching Videos

YouTube can be very addictive! Some users can sit in a spot watching videos for hours untill their battery run downs. My parents used to control the time I spent on the platform when I was much younger, but they can't always be around. So YouTube has decided to take over from them with a new feature called Remind me to take a break.

Android users can now set up YouTube to remind them to take a break from watching videos

A "Digital Wellbeing" initiative—to watch personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance in digital settings—was introduced last week at Google I/O. Several features of this program will be available in Android P, while others will be found in some of Google's apps, including YouTube as it is considered very neccesary.

This feature will remind you to take a break from streaming YouTube videos and do some other things. Now, the video sharing platform on Android allows you to do this. Simply open the YouTube app and click on your profile image in the top right corner, then go to Settings » General » Remind me to take a break. You will be prompted to set the frequency of the reminders from "Never" to as long as 180 minutes (or 3 hours).

youtube remind me to take a break time options

As the screenshot above shows, there are various time options you can select. This feature started rolling out recently, so if the option doesn't show on your version of YouTube right now, be patient – it should hit your device very soon. However, what's important is if you will actually heed the warning on the screen. After all, upon your parent's shout, you never stopped streaming YouTube all day.

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