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How to Restrict Members from Sending Messages in Your WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp has once again launched a new feature dubbed Send Message, which is mostly beneficial to group owners on the platform. This new option is slowly rolling out and will enable WhatsApp Group admins to regulate the power of members to send messages in the specific group.

How to Restrict Members from Sending Messages in Your WhatsApp Group

In simple terms, with this new Send Message option in WhatsApp Group settings, you can choose who can share text or multimedia files in your group, and who cannot. When you set “only Admins” for this option, all other members won't be able to send text messages, images, videos, voice recordings e.t.c., to the group.

The latest send messages features will sit above Edit Group info option in your WhatsApp Group setting. The latter gives group admins the power to restrict ordinary members from editing or rewriting the group description, subject or icon. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp Send Message group setting option will be available even if there are multiple administrators in the group, or just one. Furthermore, all members in the group will be informed about the happening via broadcast messages.

How to Restrict Members from Sending Messages to your WhatsApp Group

  • Go to your WhatsApp group and tap Group info.
  • Select “send messages” and choose only “only admin”.
  • WhatsApp will now conceal the chat text input space, displaying a specific footer that notifies members of your group that they cannot send messages

Meanwhile, if this option is set to “all participants,” all members of the group will be able to chat and share media files in the group.

WhatsApp Group Admin Can Now Restrict Members From Sending Messages

Why you should stop ordinary members from posting in Your WhatsApp Group

The importance of the “only admin” option in the Send Message WhatsApp Group feature cannot be over-emphasized. For instance, you can use this to put across important announcements to your members without distraction by other messages. Or you can choose the “close“ option at night to restrict all messages to prevent spam messages from a few rude group participants.

This features is already making its way to WhatsApp beta version 2.18.201 for Android and the standard version 2.18.70 on iOS. Windows Phone and Android users should expect the final update in the normal version of the app in no distant time.

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