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Multiple Instagram Accounts HACKED and Gone for life?

Instagram is the latest social media app to be hit by hackers. A lot of instagram users have voiced their complains online regarding the fact that they have being locked out of their own accounts.

Multiple Instagram Accounts HACKED and Gone for life?

These users have being unable to log into their accounts after several attempts. It appears the hackers changed the passwords, account name, emails and even profile pictures that were associated with these accounts. Also, the hackers are believed to be from Russia because the new emails originate from there.

The profile pictures have also been replaced with Pirates of the Caribbean photo. Although Instagram management has spoken on the issue and provided guidelines on how to restore the hacked accounts, they do not appear to work because most of the users are still locked out.
“We are aware that some people having difficulty accessing their Instagram accounts. If you think you have been impacted, please follow guidance to regain access:…”-Instagram

Was your account also hacked? If yes, how did you manage to get it back?


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