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ARM Notebooks Will Grow In The Next 5 Years

ARM Notebooks Will Grow In The Next 5 Years

Apple has given a boost to what is the ARM computer sector. The market for these devices will grow over the next 5 years.

During 2022, the notebook market suffered a halt which, however, many expected. However, Apple with its MacBook Air M1, MacBook Air M2, and MacBook Pro M2 has further attacked the market obtaining excellent results both in terms of sales and innovation.

Apple’s devices weren’t the first notebooks with ARM processors, but they were undoubtedly the first to convince users. Microsoft has been trying for some time to direct the market towards the ARM architecture, at least for the mobile world. Thanks to suboptimal software implementation, products with Windows ARM did not convince the public.

However, things seem likely to change soon. On the one hand, Apple will continue to produce laptops with the Apple Silicon platform on board which will give an important boost to the market. On the other, Microsoft, thanks to software improvements and Qualcomm processors, will offer a solid alternative for those looking for an ARM-based laptop or a 2-in-1 laptop. The appeal should not be missing MediaTek which is expected to begin proposing alternatives to the Qualcomm counterpart for the creation of notebooks.

In the next 5 years, this sector will account for 25% of the notebook market according to the latest Computerpoint report. AMD and Intel will continue to produce the chips we already know, increasingly refining the production process and improving performance and consumption. It seems that in the near future, these companies will continue to have their say by not abandoning the current architectures of their processors.

Among all, the greatest competitive advantage undoubtedly goes to Apple. In fact, the Cupertino-based company has the fact that it produces both the software and the hardware in-house. At the moment, it is the only company that can set the pace independently. Will this advantage translate into market share? Well, the probability is very high.


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