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iPhone 14 Is More Powerful Than iPhone 13 Pro: Word From Apple

iPhone 14 Is More Powerful Than iPhone 13 Pro: Word From Apple

The two devices share the same hardware platform. iPhone 14 however seems to be more performing than iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 Pro were launched a year apart but share the same hardware platform. In fact, we are talking about the Apple A15 chip which is also mounted on the iPhone 13 but weakened. Last autumn Apple presented the new iPhone 14 which, however, does not mount the chip of the Pro models, but the chip of the previous year’s Pro models.

Following a recent interview, iPhone senior director Richard Dinh explained why iPhone 14 performs better than iPhone 13 Pro.

Despite having the same A15 chip, iPhone 14 has been completely redesigned internally. In particular, now the dissipation of the heat produced by the heart of the device is delegated to the central aluminum structure which also acts as the backbone of the device.

The internal design has therefore been rethought in order to improve the dissipation of the heat produced. In view of this, iPhone 14 is even more efficient than iPhone 13 Pro.

Externally, iPhone 13 and 14 appear to be the same device, but that’s not the case. The differences are substantial once the body has been disassembled. On the iPhone 14, Apple has tried to go the extra mile in terms of repairability. In particular, the iPhone 14 motherboard is placed in such a way as to be accessible from both glass sides of the device. This improves some repair processes as well as speeds them up.

iPhone 14 is the first iPhone since the launch of the iPhone 8 to allow you to easily remove the back glass. This also facilitates repairs of this component of the device.

In reality, at the moment, the market has rewarded the iPhone 13, a predecessor of the model examined in this article. Thanks to the great availability of this model at the time of writing, iPhone 13 is cheaper than iPhone 14. The differences between the devices are not that marked despite the precautions that Apple has introduced with the new model.


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