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Qualcomm Presents The Perfect 5G Modem For Smartwatches And More

Qualcomm Presents The Perfect 5G Modem For Smartwatches And More

Here is the new Snapdragon X35: the 5G modem is meant to be installed on smartwatches and many other mobile devices.

Products such as the 45mm GPS+Cellular Apple Watch 8, the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE, and many other smartwatches integrate the possibility of being connected to the cellular network. In many cases, this allows you to be always online, listen to streaming music, and not miss any notifications.

To allow devices such as smartwatches to have a constant cellular connection, manufacturers have worked hard to avoid launching products with underperforming batteries. Cellular connectivity requires many energy resources and, with a view to saving, Qualcomm has launched a new modem that is not only a champion from this point of view, but is also the first compatible with 5G networks.

Let’s talk about the new Snapdragon X35, a 5G NR-Light modem specifically designed to be used with wearable devices or devices that need to keep energy consumption low.

Under standard conditions, this modem supports up to 150 Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps upload speed. This modem, given the technology on which it is based, uses a single antenna for cellular transmission and up to two for reception.

Obviously, the X35 modem is compatible with LTE networks to ensure maximum performance even in the absence of 5G. In consideration of its characteristics, we are facing one of the least energy-intensive modems ever.

Soon, it could be coming to new wearables. It will certainly arrive on some smartwatches with Wear OS on board, but its arrival on devices such as Chromebooks cannot be excluded. Qualcomm itself has hypothesized the use of the Snapdragon X35 chip on devices such as Chromebooks and mid-range tablets. For the high-end, speed standards force you to opt for different and more expensive choices.

Qualcomm has always been very active on the modem front, always looking for the best solution with respect to the needs of the reference market.


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