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10 Reasons Why Would A Text Message Not Be Delivered in Android and iPhone

10 Reasons Why Would A Text Message Not Be Delivered in Android and iPhone

Whether you’re trying to send a personal text message to a friend or business partner, or using a service like Apps to send text messages to large numbers of people, you’ve probably had problems with your text messages not being delivered.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons why would a text message not be delivered.

10 Reasons Why Would A Text Message Not Be Delivered

1) The phone is turned off or out of range by the operator.
If you get a busy tone while calling, you can try again later or simply give up. If the SMS is not sent on the first attempt, it will be automatically retransmitted at certain intervals without your knowledge. So when the phone is available again, the message will continue to be sent.

Note: Messente’s system is configured to attempt to deliver messages within 6 hours. If the message still fails, it will be marked as ‘Failed’.

2) False Negative
Delivery reports (DLR) must also be received from operators or carriers to send SMS messages. If the operator does not respond with the correct receipt, the sender is not notified of the delivery and marks it as “Failed”.

NB! The US, Canada, and most Latin American countries are known not to provide delivery reports at all.

3) The number is roaming (abroad)
Another reason why would a text message not be delivered maybe because the number is roaming. Sending an SMS to a number that is currently not in the home country often poses a lot of problems and therefore delivery to numbers that are roaming is not guaranteed.

4) The sender you are using is prohibited
Some countries or operators block certain types of senders or A2P messaging platforms. For example, Japan does not allow sending A2P text messages from regular phone numbers. Telia Sonera in Finland, on the other hand, blocks messages from alphanumeric senders such as “CarService1” or “BestHotel”.

5) The operator blocks the SMS
Operators are also known to block some SMS routes from time to time. This also requires text messaging services to redirect the message through a different work path, which can cause temporary delivery problems.

6) Local regulations restrict text messages
In some countries, the sending of text messages is restricted by local regulations. For example, messages marked as marketing can only be sent during working days from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

7) The number may be on the Do Not Disturb list
In some countries, operators have a list where phone owners can add their numbers themselves so that messages from an A2P connection cannot reach their numbers.

8) SMS messages can be disabled when configuring the telephones
In some cases, there may be conflicts between different applications that can receive text messages. This may result in one or all applications not receiving messages because their ability to receive text messages has been disabled.

It is also possible that the default application remains in the position of not receiving messages after a conflicting application is removed. This may also be another reason why would a text message not be delivered. If your message center is wrong, you can make use of how tips on how to configure message center numbers on all networks.

9) Conflicting SMS Applications
Sometimes different applications on the phone can receive text messages and due to their conflicts, the phone does not receive the messages correctly because the applications are in conflict and the message cannot be delivered to any of them resulting in a failed message.

10) The carrier is experiencing technical difficulties.
In some cases, however, it can all boil down to the simple point that the operator (or more specifically the hardware involved) has technical problems and the messages simply cannot be delivered.


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