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Unique and Useful iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks Tricks in 2023

Unique and Useful iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks Tricks in 2023

You are probably wondering what these iphone secret codes and hacks refer to? And why don’t you know if they exist and are so unique? These iPhone secret codes and hacks are also known as passcodes or hidden menus or hidden codes. These secret codes on the iPhone can be confidential and contain information that is useless and not worthy of a simple user. Some of these secret codes on the iPhone may be able to help you, not all. The article contains a list of secret iPhone codes.

iPhone Secret Codes And Hacks
Now you can transfer a call yourself or even hide your caller ID. Does it seem creepy? Yes. However, the user must be extremely careful when trying out the iPhone’s secret menu. Because in the case of the sensitive watch face, your data can also be lost and your iPhone settings can be disrupted.

Field test mode
Code: 3001 # 12345 #

This iphone secret code and hack will take you to the field test mode window. When you dial this code on your phone, a window will appear with some technical information explaining the options for your phone.

If this information is correct and you understand every drop of it, you can move on to what you were looking for.

So in this mode, you will learn how promising the signals on your phone are in decibels. The dotted signal strength disappears when you do the following:

On the Field Test page, press and hold the Lock / Power button until you see the Shutdown and Restart screen.

Then take your hand off the power switch.

Press the Home button or the Phone option in the top left corner of the Field Test Page window.

This will let you know if your phone has a weak signal or a reasonable signal. You can do a lot of technical things with these iphone secret codes and hacks 2020. The weak signal is as low as -115 or -120 decibels, while a full signal is -80 or -90 decibels. In the field test mode, you can also view many other product options in the list.

To go back to the usual signal strength bars on the phone, go to the field test page and click on the phone at the top left of the screen.

Hide caller ID
Code: * 31 # mobile number

First of all, the iPhone secret menu also contains a secret code that allows you to hide your caller ID, your phone number through the iPhone secret codes.

You must enter the code using the iphone secret codes and hacks on your dialer and enter the number you want to call with an “unknown label” on the phone. Dial the code along with the number and your ID will be displayed as unknown.

iPhone Dial Codes
Each country has different iPhone secret codes to choose from. The iphone secret codes and hacks list is shown below. Try the code in your country and prank your friends using the anonymous caller ID.

Country Code
Argentina #31#
France #31#
Germany *31# or #31#
Greece #31#
Hong Kong 133
Iceland *31*
Ireland 141
Israel #31#
Italy #31#
Japan 184
New Zealand 197
North America #31# or *67
Netherlands *31* or #31#
Romania *31*
South Africa *31*
South Africa #31#
Spain #31#
Sweden #31#
Switzerland Landline *31#
United Kingdom 141
Albania #31# (mobile phones)
Australia 1831
Canada #31#
Pakistan *32#
India #31#
Switzerland Mobile #31#
South Korea *23 or *23#
Check the SMS center
Code: # 50057672 #

If you are having trouble with your SMS service on your iPhone. The secret codes on the iPhone also contain a code to check the SMS center. All you have to do is enter this code on your dialer and your call will be forwarded to the SMS center.

Code: * # 06 #

IMEI is the unique identification option for your device and phone hardware. Your network provider identifies you via your IMEI. In addition, the SIM card is also included in the IMEI.


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