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Top 10 Features of Android 9.0 Pie you Need to Know now

The latest Android operating system, called Android 9 Pie is integrated with machine learning and Artificial intelligence that makes the phone smarter and easier to use.

10 Awesome Feature to Know About Android 9 Pie

Before this new operating system was officially announced, we published couple of leaked features and even screenshot of a phone running Android 9 P. Meanwhile, here are some of the notable features of this new Android version:

Android 9.0 Pie Features

  1. Pixel phones already have the update available to them along with all other devices that participated in the Beta program. Other Android One devices that qualify will have the update before the year runs out.
  2. The Android 9 allows your phone to have predictive ability, which makes the phone predict what you’ll do next based on your current screen display.
  3. It has a new software “Smart text selection” that identifies the meaning of the text you select and propose related actions.
  4. The adaptive battery helps to save the battery life of your device.
  5. Users can now set a limit to the time that they spend on their device. This is an attempt to comeback tech addiction.
  6. Camera lovers will enjoy the multiple camera support feature that allows developers to create experiences with two or more physical cameras.
  7. You can now connect to up to 5 devices using Bluetooth and there is no need to fear that you will miss a call because the incoming call will be diverted through Bluetooth to any device that can accept.
  8. New emojis are added while old ones are revised.
  9. There is no more need for the three home buttons as the Android 9 Pie has just a single home button.
  10. There is also added security as the Android 9 Pie features a lockdown mode. In this mode, fingerprint is disabled and also trusted voice unlock. You’ll have to unlock your phone with the use of a PIN or pattern.

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