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On an iPhone, How to Add a Contact

On an iPhone, How to Add a Contact

How to Save Contact Information (such as Phone Number, Address, etc.) on an iPhone is covered in this article. of a person or company in your iPhone as a contact.

1. Keep in touch. This is a gray app with colored tabs on the right side and a silhouette of a person.

Alternately, launch the Phone app and tap Contacts on the screen's bottom.

2. Tap +. It can be found in the screen's upper-right corner.

3. Select a name for the source. Make a meaningful name for the contact in the "First name," "Last name," and "Company" fields so that you can call them later.

4. Select add phone. It is beneath the "Company" box. When you do this, a "Phone"-themed text field appears.

5. Enter the phone number of the contact. Typically, you will type at least 10 digits here.

When you add a phone number that is only five digits long and belongs to a service like Venmo or Facebook, this rule is broken.

Add the corresponding country code (such as "+1" for the United States or "+44" for the United Kingdom) before the phone number if it comes from a different country.

By tapping home to the left of the Phone field and then selecting an option (such as Mobile), you can also change the type of phone associated with the number.

6. Include additional contact details. Add additional contact information using the labeled fields, such as a birthday, mailing address, and social media accounts.

7. Click Done. It can be found in the screen's upper-right corner. You have now saved the data to the Contacts section of your iPhone.


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