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Latest WhatsApp Update Brings Admin Super Powers LIVE!

Unlike the message delete-for-everyone feature which took a very long time before being publicly released, i'm delighted that the WhatsApp admin super powers are now available in the standard Android and iOS version of the app. This feature has been on WhatsApp beta for quite some time, but you can now enjoy the new group functions it brings along by updating to WhatsApp V2.18.142 via Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Super Admin Power now Available in Latest app Update

At last, group owners can have rest of mind with this admin super power features, as they now have the abiltiy to easily restrict others from tampering with the group icon, subject and even remove fellow admins. Though, WhatsApp's biggest rival—Telegram already adopted these features a long time ago, but it's better late to have it than never.

WhatsApp Admin Supers Powers and Features

Whatsapp Admin super Power

Group Subject and Icon Modification

With this latest WhatsApp update, ypu can restrict ordinary members from editing or rewriting the group description, subject or icon. To implement this, simply Click on the group you wish to activate this settings on > Group Settings > Group Info > Only Admins.

Now save, and henceforth, only the admins of the group will be able to change the subject, icon and description. Good riddance to the trouble of some members who just love doing that.

only admins have right to change whatsapp group subject, description and icon

Dismiss as Admin

As the group owner, you can now dismiss other administrators without kicking or removing them from the group completely. Before now, if you want to take down someone as admin from your group, you must first remove he/she from the group, then re-add the fellow back again, where the person will now be a normal participants.

dismiss as admin

But you don't need to do that now. Just click on your group and select the admin you want to remove, then tap and hold the name till you see a small pop-up window. Now select dismiss as admin, and the person's admin rights will instantly be taken away. He/she will now be an ordinary member of the group. More on the demote as admin feature here.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and update your WhatsApp to the latest version to enjoy these admin super powers.

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