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2016 Latest MTN Free 1gb Browsing Cheat

Hello readers, this is the latest on ground and you can get whooping 1gb for free on your MTN line.

This Free browsing cheat is courtesy of Mtn Dobox, and it works mostly on Sims you haven't used for MTN musicPlus activation before.
MTN Dobox Cheat
How To Activate/Get Your Free 1gb From Mtn
It's very easy, just dial *662*7*3# or send Do100 to 131 and you'll instantly get your free 1gb.

Supported Devices:
This Browsing cheat can work on all devices. Both android, symbian, blackberry, java etc.
mtn free browsing cheat
You can also see how to turn 50naira credit to 450naira on mtn.

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MTN Free Credit Cheat: Turn 50naira To 450naira And Many More

What's up reader? We all know that free credit cheats are now scarce since MTN totally changed Just4U package. But now, I have found a new free credit cheat that can be used to Call, send SMS and Browse (PAYG).
Mtn Free Call
With this Free Call/Credit cheat, you will be able to get 450naira credit bonus with just 50naira

For you to enjoy this cheat, you must first of all check if you are eligible by dialing 142# .
If you are eligible, you will see it there. And if you are not eligible, you will see
"Yello! You are not eligible, kindly..."

So, eligible peeps, you will have to migrate to MTN BetaTalk by dialling 123*2*6# for you to enjoy this cheat.
How To Subscribe:
(i'm using 50naira own as example)
- After migrating to MTN BetaTalk, recharge 100naira (once you recharge, you will be given 200naira extra)
- Then dial *142# and select "Pay 50naira and get 150naira.

Thats it, all your bonuses will be 400naira.
Disadvantages Of BetaTalk
1. You will be given only 10mb. But you can use any of my Free Browsing Cheats
2. No Share and Sell (you can't transfer credit).

There are many more packages you can use if you dial *142#.

NOTE: Use the credit before 3-7 days

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ETISALAT; Share Your New Year Photo And Win IPhone6

How are you readers? This is the latest giveaway from etisalat and everyone can be a winner of a brand new Iphone6, just by sharing a photo of how you spent your new year holiday (it sounds somehow childish to me though).
Etisalat share your newyear photo and win
How To Participate In The "Etisalat Share Your New Year Photo And Win"-Simply activate a weekly Opera Mini bundle on your phone (this simply means that you can participate in this contest using only opera mini )
- Then take a New Year photo of yourself
- And finally, Register For the Etisalat Share your New Year Photo And Win Contest here.

Some Important Terms And Conditions:
All Entrants during the duration of the competition agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Who may enter:
This competition is open to all Etisalat mobile phone subscribers irrespective of age.
Entrants under the age of 18 will require the consent of their parent or guardian to enter and collect any prize. Only Entrants from the territories of Nigeria are eligible to participate.

Who may not enter:
Employees and officers of Etisalat and their immediate family living in their household; and employees of any agent engaged directly or indirectly in the organization of the competition.

1. The competition (together with any associated prizes) is only open to Etisalat subscribers residing in Nigeria.

2. The competition will run from 18th January 2016 (00:00) to 14th February 2016 (23:59).

3. The competition will run for 4 weeks with prizes awarded weekly as follows :

Week 1: 18th January 2016 (00:00) - 24th January 2016 (23:59),

Week 2: 25th January 2016 (00:00) - 31st January 2016 (23:59),

Week 3: 1st February 2016 (00:00) - 7th February 2016 (23:59),

Week 4: 8th January 2016 (00:00) - 14th February 2016 (23:59).

4. In total four (4) new iPhone 6 will be presented as prizes to one (1) winner at the end of each week (as set out above in clause 3). Winning Entrants will only be drawn from Entrants who have entered the competition (during a specified week and who have fulfilled all the associated requirements as stated in this document.

4.1. For each of the weeks of the competition (as defined in clause

3), winning Entrants will be selected on the basis of the number of ‘likes’ (as defined in clause 8) they accrued during a given week. Where Entrants draw (i.e. accrue the same number of likes or tie) in potentially winning positions, Based on entry timing, the first customer out of the tied customers to share his/her picture should be judged the winner. Random draw should only apply to confirm winner if timing selection fails.

4.2. Winners must have purchased a weekly Opera Mini data bundle during the week of the competition in questions (as defined in clause 3).

5. Subscribers are permitted to enter the competition every week during the four-week period, and are allowed to upload as many pictures as they desire. Subscribers will only be eligible to win one prize for the entire duration of the competition.

See full details onHow To Play The Game on this page.

Also, keep in mind that you'll Share your New Year photo on social media and ask your friends and family to vote for you.

Every week for four weeks there will be one lucky winner of the awesome iPhone 6. Thats it

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my second post of the day, which is all about Airtel 50mb for 100naira.
Airtel Good Network Leaf
This plan is valid for one week and it can access any website of your choice (like facebook, twitter, 2go, whatsapp, Bbm, etc! )

How To Subscribe?
To get your own 50mb @ the price of #100 simply dial *885*3#. and await your confirmation message.

How To Check Your Data Balance (remaining mb)
Simply dial *885*0# to check your data balance.
And thats it! You can also checkout some cheap airtel facebook bundles on this page.

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Welcome back readers. This is one of the best free browsing cheats and cheapest Etisalat monthly Subscription because it cost only 500naira.0809ja
This cheap subscription is from the "Etisalat Socialme plan". And as we all know that socialme plan can access only social networks, But with the help of Psiphon, you will be able to use it browse & download on any website for good one month.

How To Subscribe:
Simply dial 3436*11# or *200# and follow the prompt to subscribe.
The subscription costs 500naira and it is valid for 1month. The next step is to configure your Psiphon.how to use Psiphon
If your phone does not support Psiphon, DON'T USE THIS CHEAT oo.. Just Sell it On Mobofree

Now, Create New APN On Your Phone as follows:
APN: Etisalat
Don't edit any other thing and save as your default APN.

Then, Configure Your Psiphon As Follows:
Tick remove port
Proxy Type: Real host
Proxy Server: www.twitter.com
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real proxy server: empty
Real proxy port: 80
Goto options
Region: United States
More options: don't tick anything (no IP, no port)
Click on Connect and thats all!
You can also use Autoproxy to power up your various browsers & apps .

Tips: We use USA as region in Psiphon so that we wouldn't encounter any language problem
new address:

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Greetings readers! If you remembered some few years back when MTN FB0 (free facebook 0) was the talk of the town. Well, it is once again rocking and sharp guys are already flexing it.

One good thing about this cheat is that the data can be accumulated. (i.e you can repeat the step to get more mb) and it can work on all apps & browsers with the help of Psiphon or SimpleServer
mtn fb0
How To Get The MTN Fb0 Free Mb
- Just pick up your phone
- Go to SMS
- Then send fb0 to 131 and you'll be given 5mb.

How To Accumulate Or Get More Mb
Within 25minutes, i got almost 550mb. So, to accumulate, simply send stopfb0 to 131, then resend fb0 to 131.
- Keep repeating this step till you get your desired mb

Now, Create New APN On Your Phone As Follows:
- Apn type: default
- Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
- Proxy: or
- Port: 8080
Configure Your Psiphon As Follows:
-Proxy type: real host
- Proxy server: www.facebook.com or 0.facebook.com
- Real Proxy type: inject
- Real Proxy server: (leave empty)
- Select save and click on“tunnel whole device”. Click on the option tab
- Region: Select USA
- Select more option, And check“Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
- Host address
- Port 8080
Save and hit the connect button

For SimpleServer Users, Configure As Follow:
- Proxy
host: - Proxy port: 8080
- Injection query/url: http:// 0.facebook.com or http://www.facebook.com
- Injection host: www.facebook.com or 0.facebook.com
- Connection Timeout: 10
- Injection line: press enter 4 times
- Log level: debug
- Buffer size: 8092
Then go to Local Server Settings, tick Use Global Proxy
Save and Connect

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Happy new year to you my lovely readers. You all can now enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading even without airtime, using the lastest Etisalat magic Ip.

This requires the use of Psiphon and It usually takes time to connect, like 10 to 20mins. So, you need to exercise patience before it shows connected. But once the Psiphon connects, there is no holding back,the speed alone will...(make i no talk too much ;))

Create New APN settings On Your Phone:
- APN Type: default
- APN: etisalat
- Proxy: (leave empty)
- Port: (leave empty)
Save And Activate it as your default settings

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Coming Soon

Now Configure Your Psiphon As Follow:
- Firstly, Download & Install the New version of Psiphon Handler on your device.
- Then Launch Psiphon Handler, and edit as follow:
- Proxy type: Reverse Proxy
- Proxy server: instagram.com

- Real Proxy type: HTTP
- Real Proxy server: (leave it blank)
- Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”. Click on the option tab
- Region: select, USA Server

- Select more option, And check “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
- Host address:
- Port: 3128
Save and Click Start, and wait for it to connect.

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