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MTN To Unveil 4G LTE in Lagos and Abuja - Pays FG N18.96bn For Acquisition

Some months back, we discussed about mtn 4G LTE network which was said to be launched in the month of July. And yea, they've taken a big step to make this possible as on wednesday, MTN Nigeria was formally declared as the winner of the 2.6GHz spectrum auction by the national communication Commission (NCC). Thus remitting N18.96 Billion to the Federal Government of Nigeria as payment to slots it won in the 2.6GHz spectrum auction.
MTN To Unveil 4G LTE in Lagos and Abuja - Pays FG N18.96bn For Acquisition

The 2.6GHz acquisition, NCC said, will kick-start a broadband revolution that will unlock greater coverage, access, affordability and innovation, with the customer. And this will certainly unveil 4G LTE broadband internet services across the country, starting in the major cities of Lagos and Abuja.

The 4G LTE sign can now be seen on some devices, making Mtn's plan to deliver global mobile broadband and LTE 4G services to over 60 million customers in Nigeria successful.
mtn 4G LTE on my phone

Once the 4G LTE network is officially launched by mtn, then we'll be able to explore the internet with faster speed. What's your take on this?
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WeChat Shuts Down Its Office In Nigeria

WeChat, a mobile text and voice messaging communication service, developed by Chinese firm, Tencent, and released in the year 2011 has decided to close down all it physical offices in Nigeria.

Over the years, WeChat has labelled itself as one of the world's top messaging apps. In Africa, it is been managed by Naspers as it is one of the investors in Tencent. But why did they come up with this decision:?: :oops:
wechat closes in nigeria

According to reports, WeChat is closing down its offices in Nigeria and not its app/social media service. And they are reportedly moving to South Africa.

Office of WeChat Nigeria has been on record in aggressive publicity for some months. Although, collaborations with Nigerian startups is part of their activities in the country.
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VLC Media Player Update For Windows 10 PC Devices (download)

VLC media player, which is a very popular and useful multimedia tool both for Android and PC users. And thanks to the developers, VideoLAN, who has now released a much improved and limited bug beta version of the media player for all users of Windows 10.
vlc media player update for windows 10


I've made a post on how you can get subtitles of videos and also on how to capture and cut video clips in VLC. Kindly check it out.

Moreover, this latest VLC beta version is duly ported to work with the UWP on Windows 10. So there should be a [b Continuum support, Cortana integration and even Live Tiles. It also has a cleaner and beautiful media library, with the ability to fetch metadata.

Where Can I Download It?
Download VLC Media Player Exe For Windows 10 Here
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Is Your Etisalat Bblite Misbehaving? See Solution Here

I've received dozens of messages from some of us here on techpaded.com concerning etisalat bblite, and 80% complained it has been blocked. Well, i'm delighted to tell you that etisalat bblite daily is still working flawlessly, and i'll drop the settings in this post.
Is Your Etisalat Bblite Misbehaving? See Solution Here

Forget about bro Isah who reported bblite :mrgreen: There are 2 good ways you can use your bblite.

NOTE: Make sure you're unsubscribed for socialme or chatpak by dialing:
-> *343*6*0# to unsubscribe from socialme
-> *343*5*0# to unsubscribe from chatpak.

If you get an error message, that means you've been successfully unsubscribed. And I advice you to use etisalat bblite daily, so, kindly subscribe by sending DLITE to 399.


- APN: blackberry.net
- Leave the rest blank

You can download psiphon here, then configure as follows:

- Tick: Remove Port
- Proxy Type: Real host
- Proxy Server: http://blackberryid.blackberry.com
- Real proxy type: HTTP
- Real proxy server: (blank)
- Real proxy port: 80 and click Save.

Now navigate to OPTION:
- Region: United States, United kingdom or Netherlands.

Just untick all the boxes there! Now go back and it'll connect in some minutes!

- local host:
- Port: 8080

To prevent subsequent deduction of your airtime, you can unsubscribe from etisalat bbite by dialing *399*2#. That's it, kindly share and tell us how it went. Enjoy!
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eBay To Be Available In Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana In July

Africa is too big to be ignored as one of the top online stores in the world, eBay, will start offering its services in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.
ebay to be available in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana

After so many years of neglection, it is reported that eBay, in partnership with MallforAfrica will begin service starting with Nigeriaa and two other African countries – Kenya and Ghana.
This collaboration will enable inventory from US sellers to be bought by MallforAfrica.com shoppers.

This is what Chris Folayan, CEO of MallforAfrica has to say:
We are creating a unique ‘eBay Powered by MallforAfrica’ app to run on all our platforms. When buyers in Africa shop with this app, they’ll be able to shop on eBay, buy what they want, check out, and pay through MallforAfrica.

eBay service is said to start in Nigeria in July, and then begin in Kenya, before getting to Ghana.

With eBay's service in these 3 African countries, one will be able to buy goods from eBay with our local currencies via MallforAfrica, and in return, MallforAfrica will take care of the shipping and delivery process for the goods bought. They will as well ensure the money goes back to the vendor in dollars.
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Tempting! Infinix X-Band Smartwatch Official Price

Infinix X-band has almost all the features you will see in a smart bracelet or SmartWatch device which includes ability to receive phone calls, footsteps tracking, alarm notification, Bluetooth technology, taking pictures and lots more.

You can find full details about infinix X-band here.
infinix X-band price

According to an official tweet from Infinix mobile Nigeria, the price of X-band is N25,800. Your opinion please?

Use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly purchase Infinix X-band XBO1
Buy from Jumia
Infinix X-Band

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Infinix Hot S: Rumoured Specs and Image

Infinix Hot S will have a design similar to that of the Infinix Zero 2
but this time around with an all metal body.

These are rumoured specs of the next Infinix flagship device, but keep calm, there'll always be some atom of truth in this.
infinix hot S specification, price and images

Infinix Hot S will feature a 8MP front facing camera with LED flash. Besides that, some decent specs including a MediaTek Helio X10 processor, 3GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner, VR technology amongst other features will accompany this smartphone.

Pre-loaded with Infinix XOS custom user interface, Hot S will certainly be copacetic. Kindly stayed tuned for more updates about this device.

Use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly purchase Infinix Hot S X521

Buy from Jumia
Infinix Hot S X521

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Infinix Will Soon Release XOS - Its Own Custom User Interface

Chinese OEM Infinix has been working on their own custom user interface called XOS. Thus aiming to join the league of many other android smartphone manufacturers who already have theirs.

Android smartphone manufacturers like Samsung with TouchWiz, HTC with Sense UI, Huawei with Emotion UI amongst others, have their own custom user interface (underlined)! And Infinix with XOS will join them soon.
This is one reason I love Android devices because it gives manufactures full capability to customize your OS the way you want.
infinix XOS custom user interface

XOS haven't been made public for downloads because the beta version is currently being tested on Infinix Zero 3 and infinix note 2.

Report says the custom user interface from Infinix will be based on Android 6.0, something similar to HiOS. And it will be featured on Infinix next smartphone called Infinix Hot S.

More details are coming up about XOS soon. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter to get updates via email.
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Someone Has Reported Our Bblite Trick To Etisalat - See Screenshot

This has happened again, i'm sure you guys are enjoying etisalat bblite, all I can say is enjoy it while it lasts because a bloody snitch has told etisalat everything. (he even included the psiphon settings) :mrgreen:

If you could remember that mtn life+ free browsing which was working fine & fast, well, it was blocked because someone also told mtn about it.
And now, our new bblite might be terminated at anything from now because a guy bearing Isah Abubakr has let the cat out of the bag & the funniest part is that he included the psiphon settings (omg :) ), he should have given them screenshots too, so that everything will be perfect :mrgreen: :grin:
someone reports etisalat bblite

That's the screenshot guys, 1 word for the guy?
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100 Million Calls Are Been Made Daily On Whatsapp

Whatsapp call is a great way to stay in touch, especially when connecting with people in other countries, or when messages alone won't do.
100million whatsapp call daily

Today, more than 100 million voice calls are made every day on WhatsApp - that's over 1,100 calls a second!

A word from whatsapp blog:
We're humbled that so many people have found this feature useful, an we're committed to making it even better in the months to come
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Microsoft Has Proven That Google's Chrome Browser Drains More Battery

Google Chrome, which is one of the most widely used browsers globally with about 55.7% share on desktop and 34.6% market share on mobile. However, in a recent test performed by Microsoft, they proved that Google Chrome drains laptops battery more than any other browser.

Microsoft performed a test with four similar Surface Books streaming media from four
different web browsers
. The test was timed and the computer running Google Chrome was the first to die after 4 hours and 19 minutes.

The next to die was the Firefox which lasted for 5 hours and 9 minutes.

Opera has been working on a battery saving feature and this seems to be quite effective as the computer running the browser lasted 6 hours and 18 minutes.
microsoft battery test result against chrome

Microsoft Edge took the crown as the machine running it lasted 7 hours and 22 minutes, giving it about 3 more solid hours of use over Google Chrome.

This is just a business strategy.
Microsoft is trying to persuade people to use its browser, but apart from this great battery management, the browser still has a lot of catching-up to do with the rest. Lack of extension is one of the reasons a lot of people are yet to adopt it, unavailability on mobile platforms like Android and iOS is another.
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Facebook To Add Face Swap In Its Video Live Streaming - Like Snapchat

Some many features are been added to facebook on a daily basis, some noticeable, while others are not. But facebook is specially expanding and improving its live video platform this year, starting with using video clips has dp, introducing facebook camera, adding video replies in comments and now support for face-swapping app MSQRD.

In the coming weeks, you can go live on Facebook from the MSQRD app and utilize its many different Snapchat-like masks and filters while the video is running. However it's unknown if it'll integrate it to the Messenger App.
facebook face swaping feature

Facebook’s director of product, Fidji Simon, announced MSQRD integration today at VidCon, the annual online video conference in Anaheim, CA.

Snapchat purchased facial recognition startup Looksery last year to build out its selfie lens store. And with the help of Looksery, a face-swap technology similar to MSQRD's was developed. The goal is to make video, whether recorded or broadcast live, as dynamic and appealing as possible.
Snapchat's lenses have been a huge hit, so it's no wonder Facebook has acted fast to incorporate MSQRD technology into its fast-growing Live platform.

Also, starting later this summer, you'll be able to invite a friend to "drop in" on a live broadcast on facebook." With this format, one can perform: interviews, debates, duets, collaborations, and more,"
Facebook wrote in a press release.
The company will also soon let you schedule a live broadcast, and it's built out a lobby system so people can hangout before one starts.

Both features will launch later this summer for owners of Verified Pages, but Facebook expects to make them widely available shortly thereafter.
In one sense, Facebook's move is another amplification in the
ongoing video and messaging war the company is waging against Snapchat. Who do you think will win?
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Etisalat Bblite Subscription Code and Psiphon Setting For Unlimited Browsing

This is real guys, the freebrowsing drought has been watered with this etisalat bblite unlimited browsing cheat on psiphon. So, go and polish your etisalat sim. I know some of you abandoned it after rocking socialme, while some after pension 4GB :mrgreen:.

If you could remember mtn bblite which over-helped back then (but was later blocked). Now, etisalat has taken the mantle of leadership by giving us a tantalising 6GB as the data cap of their bblite plan. This is applicable even if you subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly. Let's checkout the price & how to subscribe below.

1. Daily costs N70, dial *599*2*2# to subscribe.
2. Weekly costs N350, dial *599*2*1# to subscribe.
3. Monthly cost N1000, dial *599*2# to subscribe.

This plan is useless to us without psiphon, so for etisalat bblite to work on all our apps & browsers, let us review the settings below.

Go to your mobile APN settings
and input the below settings:
APN: blackberryx.net
Proxy: (blank)
Port: (blank)

Firstly, download Psiphon Prolite here and configure as follows:

Under Handler
- Proxy type: Real Host
- Proxy server: blackberryid.blackberry.com
Then Click on Save!
etisalat bblite settings on android


Now go to More Option settings and set-up as follows:
- Untick connect through http Proxy
etisalat bblite more option psiphon settings

Go back and connect, then you'll hear your notification sound in few seconds :grin:
etisalat bblite connected

There's it guys, trust techpaded.com in this one. Kindly share and tell us how it went. Enjoy!

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Official Price Of Tecno Camon C9 In Nigeria: Cheap or Not?

The official price of the much talked about Tecno Camon C9 has been announced, and it's kind of pocket-friendly (to me) considering the specs

Camon C9 is the latest phone coming from Tecno. It accompanies a lot of amazing features, most especially its camera features which is mind blowing. And also, Tecno Camon C9 is the First ever smartphone from the Chinese company to feature an Iris Scanner.
You can checkout its full specifications and unboxing photos through the given link. Don't forget the phone will come with T-Band.
Official Price Of Tecno Camon C9

This phone is currently been sold on Jumia for N49,900, matching the official recommended price of Tecno Camon C9 (N49,900). You can use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly purchase your Tecno Camon C9.

Buy from Jumia
Tecno Camon C9

Buy from Jumia
Tecno Camon C9

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Get 11GB For N2000 and 22GB For N3000 With Airtel Double Data Offer

Please Don't Subscribe To This Plan. It is actually 1GB & 2GB, not 11Gb/12Gb. You can get 6Gb Here.
Inconvenience Regretted

Things are hard in this country (at the moment), but it seems it doesn't affect data as airtel has once again rolled out an irresistible and pocket friendly double data plan, which offers a tantalising 11GB for N2000 & 22GB for N3000.

This is actually the cheapest data plan in Nigeria. It's far better than Glo's 10GB For N2500 and many more. And offcourse, it works on both 2G,3G/4G network, unlike this 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500. (lol, that plan is annoying some people) :grin: Airtel double data offer, get 11Gb for N2000 and 22gb for N3000

HOW TO ACTIVATE AIRTEL 11GB FOR N2000 AND 22GB FOR N3000 To enjoy this airtel double data offer, simply dial *442# and follow the prompt to buy. It is valid for 30Days.

That's guys! What do you have to say about this stupendous data plan? Kindly share.

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New Android Virus Called Godless, It Can Destroy 90% Of Your Phone

Android OS is under attack by a very deadly malware/virus which can completely destroy its victim's device. This malware called Godless has been recently discovered, and it claims to targets devices running Android Lollipop or earlier. Godless Malware virus

The above image shows countries which Godless Virus has penetrated, and as you can see, India is taking number one spot with affected android devices clocking 46%. This is quite surprising as approximately 1 billion Indians don't browse. So how come did this malware hit them so hard? (reports coming soon).

Godless seems to be attacking more android devices in Asia, as Indonesia and Thailand are reportedly the second and third countries infiltrated with this dangerous malware. Let's take a look at some facts about this virus below.


  1. Godless repeatedly downloads unwanted apps, silently install them, and often display malicious ads.
  2. Godless uses a framework called "android-rooting-tools" to gain root access to Android-based devices.
  3. Godless has already infected over 850,000 devices worldwide, bad actors delivered it through malicious applications deployed in legitimate app stores, including Google Play.
  4. Godless also installs back-doors and spy on users.
  5. Even if your Android device is not rooted, Godless will root it for you without you knowing.
  6. Numerous applications on Google Play store were found to be containing malicious code affiliated to Godless.

This virus is really bad mehn, lets see some preventive measures, because if your android device gets affected with Godless, you won't be able to use the phone unless Android comes up with a counter attack against this virus (which I hope they'll do soon)


  1. >>Always review the developer when downloading an application, and should be wary of unknown developers with very little or no background information, as they could be the source of malicious apps.
  2. Download apps from trusted stores.
  3. Stay away from playstore for now

Android operating system has been vulnerable to malware attacks but always find a way out, we hope they do so against Godless. Kindly share this.

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Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ Finally Receives Android Marshmallow Update

Both Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ will be bumped up to Android 6.0.1. AT&T is last to deliver the Android Marshmallow firmware update on those two smartphones, as other users in USA has updated to the latest version. Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ Finally Receives Android Marshmallow Update

The updates weigh in at around 1.6GB, and Marshmallow features like Doze mode, improved notifications experience, granular app permissions, tweaked user interface and more, will be available to its users.

The security patch level will be brought up to June 1, 2016. Those who own the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 edge+ on AT&T will receive an update notification soon if. But if not, they can also try to grab the update by going to Settings » About device » Software update on their device.

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Root Any Stubborn Android Device With This Latest KingRoot V4.9.3

KingRoot has come up with version 4.9.3 update, which is very well capable of rooting any stubborn android smartphone.

Some months back (April to be precise), we discussed about using the older kingroot v4.85 to root. That version was good, but this latest Kngroot V4.9.3 is far better, as it'll root any android device in less that 5mins ranging from Android marshmallow and below.

Newbies might be asking this question, here are some considerable answers.
1. Rooting means giving yourself root permissions on your phone. There are some applications you can't run or install except you are rooted.

2. Rooting can boost your phone speed and battery life.

3. Rooting can unlock hidden features and install incompatible apps.

4. Rooting can backup your device and install custom roms.

5. You can automate everything with tasker.

6. You can block ads in any app & remove preinstalled crapware.

7. Rooting is also done to change IMEI of a phone, and also to enjoy some IMEI tweak free data

Rooting can crash a phone if the process is not completed.

BTW, checkout some advantages & demerits of rooting your smartphone.

- For android smartphones, download here
- For PC, download here
latest kingroot v4.9.3 to root any stubborn device


Using Android:
  1. After successful installation, start the application and wait for Kingroot to fully analyze your device, after a few seconds you will see the main window
  2. Now, click the Big Blue Circle on your device that says Root and wait for a few minutes (ensure you have a good internet connection).
  3. Wait for the rooting to complete 100% after which King User app will be installed on your device.

Using PC:
  1. Download the PC version, then enable USB debugging on your mobile device.
  2. Now connect your mobile device to a computer via microUSB cable
  3. Then wait a few seconds or a minute, until Kingroot see your device.
  4. Finallly, tap root and wait for the process to complete.

You can verify if your phone is truely rooted with root checker. And if you change your mind, this is how to unroot an android device. Kindly tell us how it went.
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Tecno Camon C9 Unboxing Photos

Almost everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Tecno Camon C9 into the Nigeria market, considering the leaked specs which later turned out accurate after much confirmation.

Tecno Camon C9 is being marketed more as a camera smartphone and that even reflects in the packaging of the device.
tecno camon c9 marketed more as a camera smartphone

Thankfully, we now have Tecno Camon C9 in our hands and we’d ask that you join us in unboxing the smartphone.

Apart from features or design, Tecno did a great job in packaging camon c9.
The packaging consists of two packs featuring three major colors; Black, Blue and silver.
tecno camon c9 pack colors

As you can see on the pack something that resembles a camera lens, which we believe is what the smartphone is channeled at. The pack can be detached from the main blue pack containing all that Tecno has to offer with the Camon C9.

There’s nothing necessary at the sides of Tecno Camon C9 pack, except for the Tecno brand stated at all sides of the black and silver color pack.

While at the bottom of the pack are the usual details we see almost on all phone packz; the phone’s specs, a label containing information on the phone’s color variant, IMEI number and a few other information that you probably shouldn't care about.

We're gradually coming to the part where (I think) you all have been waiting for. However, unboxing the park, the first thing your eye will behold is the majestic and amazing Tecno Camon C9.
tecno camon c9 unboxing

Still perusing through the pack, these are basically what you’d find:
what's inside tecno camon c9 pack

  • The Tecno Camon C9 smartphone
  • A Warranty card
  • The USB Cable
  • The Charger
  • The Earpiece
  • Pouch for Tecno Camon C9 and it’s friends
  • A user manual
  • The usual Tecno's warranty stickers
  • Palmchat leaflet and,
  • An ejector pin.

We've come to main part where we'll take an explicit look at the smartphone itself, follow me.

Tecno Camon C9 smartphone itself is available in three basic color variants. However, we have the sandstone black color variant here at Techpaded.com

The front facing 13 megapixels camera is located at the top-center part of the screen while the front facing flash is at the top-left side of the screen. Same line with the camera placement.
camon c9 front facing camera

The vol+, vol- and the power buttons are at the right side of the phone. While there is no button on the left side of Tecno Camon C9.

You have the charging part (and microphone) situated at the bottom of the phone.

At the top of the smartphone, is the 3.5mm jack for earphones and headphone. There’s nothing more in that region.

The 13 megapixels rear camera is found at the back (center top) and just after the camera, you have the LED flash, then Tecno branding.

You have the Camon tag and just below that, the loud speaker also the lower part of the back region. Here are some photos of Tecno Camon C9 accessory.



Use the 'Buy Now' button to instantly purchase Tecno Camon C9

Buy from Jumia
Tecno Camon C9(49k)
Buy from Jumia
Tecno Camon C9

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