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Oneplus 7 Tipped to Launch as the World's First 5G Smartphone

At last, it seems OnePlus may produce a smartphones available through at least one US service producer. In the previous years, almost all its handsets have been sold only unlocked in North America, leading to the OnePlus 6 that was launched in in May.


Briefing PC Mag few days ago at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai China, Pete Lay, the CEO of OnePlus stated that the company's is currently "working with US carrier" as it proposes to announce a 5G handsets in the coming year. He further said that the latest OnePlus phone would be among the world's first handsets to feature 5G connectivity.

OnePlus is reportedly in good relationship with chipmaker Qualcomm, and for this reason the Chinese company is in the right track to release a 5G smartphones before any other companies does. You may probably be aware that, all big US carriers are so close to releasing 5G services, however, phones compatible with this technology are not going to be available until 2019.

Although, OnePlus's CEO didn't disclose further information on its next-generation phone, we're suggesting this is going to be named OnePlus 7.

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Motorola Preps the Moto One; is this Better than the Moto One Power?

Back in May, we saw reports that Motorola was preping a new Android One handset named the Moto One Power, which looks set to be the company's first phone that'll feature a notched display. Now, another smartphone, simply dubbed Moto One has been rumored to be nearing launch by the same Lenovo-owned company.

Motorola One with glass build appears, could launch alongside One Power

This new Moto One appears to have smililar design with the Moto One Power earlier mentioned, however, with just some slight alteration that makes it look more outstanding. The device maintains exactly the same notched model on the One Power, with the aluminium casing also included alongside what seems to be a micro USB port. Furthermore, the dual bottom-placed speakers that are reportedly embedded on the One Power appears to also be on this regular model.


Although, little changes are seen on the back, most obviously the aluminium body contained on the One Power edition is not present and is replace with a sleeker glass build which hints that this handset may be bit expensive. Additionally, the camera setup has also been remodeled, as the company withdrew the vertical module completely and has opted for individual dual camera sensors. Also, the Moto One now features dual-tone LED flash–instead of one on the other variant–that should improve night time photography

When you analyze the aforementioned information, the two handsets may look alike in size at first, but it's reported that the Motorola One is a actually a smaller version, though, it's not certain if this means a reduction in display size. The Moto One Power will likely launch as a power-center device focusing more on battery life, hence it will be thick. Whereas the Moto One model assumed to play as the mainstream version.

Currently, it's uncertain when Motorola intend to release theses two new phones, but they're expected to be launched together later this year, with a major attention on their stock Android interfaces.

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MTN Announces new Data Grace/Rollover Period After NCC Order

Late last year, the Nigeriam Communications Commission (NCC) mandated all Telecom companies, including MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile to enforce data rollover policy starting June 26th. The industry regulators further sent out a reminder early this month, and it seems the directive is gradually taking effect.

MTN Announces new Data Grace/Rollover Period After NCC Order

NCC took to its Twitter page to announce the enforcement of the new data rollover policy, where all service providers including Airtel, 9mobile, Glo and MTN will enable you to use your expired or remaining data bundle in the subsequent month.

According to NCC Twitter handle: Issuance of Direction to Service provider on Data rollover which now enable consumers to roll over unused data for 1-7days depending on your data plan.This takes effect from 26th June,2018.- NCC.gov.ng @NgComCommission
Jun 21,2018.

With regard to NCC's order, a new law is now in place to allow you carry-over your remaining data after it expires or when you purchase a new bundle of the same category within the grace period highlighted below. Meanwhile, this is only applicable to main data bundles, not bonus or promo data.

MTN Introduces New Grace/Data Rollover Period on its Data Bundle

MTN, which has the highest number of data subscribers has promptly arranged how its data rollover will be done:
Data CategoryValidityRollover Period
Daily bundles1 Day1 Day
Weekly bundles3 Days3 Days
Monthly bundles7 Days7 Days

Daily bundle

For instance, if you subscribe for a daily data bundle on the 27th, it will expire on the 28th, but you'll be given a grace period of another 24 hours: till the 29th to subscribe again.

Weekly bundle

A weekly data subscription accompanies 3 days grace period to subscribe to a new bundle before the unused data will be totally wiped out.

Monthly bundle

You are given 7days grace to renew your subscription for monthly bundle before your remaining data is cleared.

It's worth noting that during the grace period, your remaining data will continue working. This is a commendable move by MTN, and we're waiting for other service provider to published how their new data rollover will be administered. If not, NCC will hammer them with heavy fine.

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Beware of Malicious app That has Defrauded People Over $60500

While Google and Apple are working tirelessly to ensure that Play and App Store is harmless, protected and unarguably the number one sources for downloading apps, few dangerous softwares, many times, still find their way inside the platform.

Beware of Malicious app That has Defrauded People of Millions of Dollars

McAfee security company discloses that a familiar cybercriminal gang called AsiaHitGroup have struck again, using a modified piece of dangerous software that has been recycled years back on the Google Play Store.

This software is known as Sonvpay.C, and it penetrates the Play Store through variant of unsuspected apps, like ringtone creators, QR code scanners, flashlights and the likes. And it's a tricky one to prevent, even if you are a very intelligent users.

Once any of these infested app is installed on your device, it will bring out an "update" notification. However, that's not an update, but a repackaged subscription button that when clicked, will immediately sign the user up for an unfamiliar paid service. This version of Sonvpay does not support SmS messages unlike the older version. Rather, it uses WAP billing–an over-the-air data message to a website–, meaning it will not be noticed in the user's message history.

The information reaching us from MacAfee disclosed that the dubious apps have been used in Malaysia and Kazakhstan, but if the app notice that the smartphones is not in any of these places, it'll still dispatch an SMS messages to a premium service.

According to report, the apps have been on the internet since the beginning of this year and MacAfee estimated that AsiatHitGroup have defrauded innocent people between $60,500 - $145000.

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Instagram Lite Launched to Work Smoothly on Low-end Smartphones

Using Instagram on a low-end device might not give you the best experience; as the app may be hanging and making your smartphone run very slow. Well, the good news is that the Facebook-owned company has launched a Instagram Lite, an optimized version of the regular IG app built specifically to work smoothly on entry level Android phones with lesser RAM.

Instagram Lite Launched to Work Smoothly on Low-end Smartphones

Remember Facebook Lite was released back in 2015 where it quickly reached 200 million, followed by the introduction of Messenger Lite last year which–as of the time of writing this–has over 100 million installs on Google Play Store. The success of these apps has paved the way for the new Instagram Lite which weighs in at just 573kb for Android devices – instead of the 32MB standard Instagram app.

Instagram Lite contains all the features that you'll find on the mobile web, from Stories, Explore tab and among others. The company is also set to add messaging feature and ability to share videos in no time. In addition, it is important to note that the app consume lesser space on your device, uses fewer data, and loads quickly even in very poor network conditions.

Instagram Lite Features

  • A bar at the top of your feed where you can watch stories.
  • Share multiples photos to your Story which dissappears after 24hours. You can spice them up with text.
  • Upload any photos you like on your profile grid with filters to edit them.
  • Use the Explore tab to search for videos, discoveries Stories, photos and follow new accounts.

Upcoming Features

  • Very soon, you'll be able to send messages and share videos using Instagram Lite app

The popular video/photo sharing company is currently experimenting the Instagram Lite in Mexico before moving to other countries. Meanwhile, you can download Instagram Lite app here from Google Play Store, or alternatively here.

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Latest AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat

First of all guys, let me start with the good news that Glo internet connection signal 📶 (3G/H+) now turns on even without active data. So we can proudly say Glo 0.0kb free browsing cheat is back and unlimited.

2018 Fast And Stable APN Settings For Glo AnonyTun Free Browsing Cheat

This Glo tweak is super fast, and can be used to browse and download on any website without limit. I'm here with the full AnonyTun (BETA) VPN settings for this Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing cheat, and a new APN configuration for stable surfing and streaming. Let's go!


1. Glo SIM with empty airtime and data balance
2. Strong Glo network
3. AnonyTun Beta VPN

APN Settings

Go to your phone's network setting and configure your APN as follows:
-> Name: Glo 00
-> APN: 176.90.6868.67:4430@_Ultra
-> APN Type: Default, Supl
-> Proxy: Blank
-> Port: Blank
-> Username: (leave blank)
-> Password: (leave blank)

AnonyTun BETA VPN Settings for GLO 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat 2018

  • First step is to download AnonyTun Beta Apk, then launch the app.
    (stealth settings), then turn on Stealth Tunnel
  • Change Protocolo to HTTP and change Puerto to 80
  • Now, tick PAYLOAD and then tap Editar Payload (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

In the next screen, use below settings:
    URL/Host: redirect.glo.com
  • Request method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick User-Agent and leave other boxes un-ticked
  • Then click on Generate, then Save

2018 Fast And Stable APN Settings For Glo AnonyTun Free Browsing Cheat

Lastly, turn on your data connection, then go back to the AnonyTun VPN app homepage and tap the CONNECTAR button. It will connect within a few seconds, and viola, you can now start browsing amd downloading like Adenuga is your blood father.

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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Pictured in Full this Time Around

In line with previously-released renders that showcased the upcoming Google Pixel 3 lineup design, two other sources have just published 360-degree renders of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3L which reveals full physical details of both smartphones.

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Beginning with the lower version, the device really look like last year's Pixel 2 XL courtesy of the existence of a tall 18:9 display panel and front-facing stereo sound speakers. However, few specs also differentiates this model from 2017's own: Google has now added two selfie cameras up-front which will probably enhance depth sensing. This similar setup is also contained on the higher Pixel 3XL, the only difference being the existence of a taller 19:9 display aspect ratio that pride a notch up top.

On the rear, the two phones sport similar design, with the renders asserting a view that clearly absolve the one noticed on the pixel 2 series. Meaning a single back camera lens in the past is in the top left corner together with a dual-tone LED flash that is put a bit to the right. Furthermore, the double tone panel are included, though this time around, the metal portion is speculated to have been changed by a frosted glass section that will supposedly gives chance for the integration of wireless charging.

The regular Pixel 3 is ready to sport a 5-inch display, whereas the Pixel 3XL will raise this to 6.2 inches. When examined in contrast to the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, both version are definitely ready to equal the dimension of their forerunners which features a display of 5 inches and 6 inches respectively.

In terms of performance, there is no accurate information at the moment, though it'll likely ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, just as the upcoming Nokia 9. Furthermore, 4GB of RAM is a likelihood in the regular variant, while the higher offering is tipped to come with 6GB of RAM. Both should sport an internal storage of 128GB or 256GB.

October 4 is the alleged launch date.

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Gaming Platform set to be Added in Snapchat's Mobile Apps

To remain relevant in the social network market, Snapchat intends to include gaming platform to its mobile app. The company have earlier toyed with the plan of bringing interactive content such as AR selfie games, now well-developed games will arrive on Snapchat mobile apps in no time according to recent report.

Gaming Platform set to be Added in Snapchat's Mobile Apps

As far as we know, Snapchat has entered into agreement with a publisher that will develop games for its upcoming gaming platform. However, both the name of this publisher and the game is currently unknown. But, a person known with Snapchat's idea claims that this is more of a research contrary to a big investment from the company.

Snapchat believes that the inclusion of game will entertain users for more time while using its mobile apps. The plan is that the longer people use the app, the more income the company will realise.

Anyway, that is the company's objective, but we should remember that Messenger also has gaming features on its app, so this will be another round of competition.

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Top 5 Most Rugged and Durable Smartphones in 2018

Smartphone designs are evolving in recent times, from what once a plasticky slabs with very little physical attractiveness, new designs have surfaced over the years. Now, we have the trending notched display, near-bezelless and glass-back design. Though, elegance comes with a price. Latest smartphones aren't really reputed to be long-lasting, which is likely why manufacturering smartphone is a multi-billion venture.

Top 5 Most Rugged and Durable Smartphones in 2018

However, there are so many rugged devices out there which may not intrigue you because of their tough design, but they last longer that many of today's elegant-looking phones. They are the most durable phones, manufactured to resist severe shock and to endure the constituent. Let's check them out.

Sonim XP8

  • Big 4900mAh battery
  • Very loud speaker
  • Screen works when wet and with glove
  • IP69 water resistance
  • Runs the older android 7.0 nougat
  • Heavy-weight (325grams/11.8oz)

This handset costs $699, but gkwa for $23.34 at AT&T. It isn't the most affordable on the list, but likely the most durable; the manufacturer even gives 3-year warranty to attest to the phone's toughness. Sonim XP8 sports a 5-inch display which is puncture-resistant, while its unpolished body can survive severe drops. The phone is among the very few with IP69 certification as Sonim XP8 can withstand insertion in water.


cat S61
  • Actually decent hardware spec
  • Very large 4500mAh battery
  • Screen works when wet and with glove
  • IP69 water resistance.

  • Very expensive($1000) not offered by US carriers.

CAT S61 is equipped with hardware that is not usually seen on smartphones, like sensors that enable it to determine air quality, a laser assistant distance calculator, an a Flir thermal camera. These ard features that professionals in specific field would love. Better yet, the hardware specs of the device are suitable for something of this type, so while you're off duty, you can snap beautiful pictures with the 16MP, record 4k video and play processor-friendly games.


These are the best rugged, most durable smartphones right now (2018 edition)
  • Not prohibitively expensive
  • Huge 5000mAh battery
  • Screen works when wet and with glove

  • Runs the older Android 7.0 nougat processor isn't powerful.

Certainly, not everyone can afford a thousand dollar durable phone such as S61, moore reason why CAT S41 was released. Its unlocked version is priced $450 on Amazon at the time of compiling this article, the device is strongly guarded against drops and water penetration. Not only that, the battery lasts long with USB OTG support which makes the phone also serve as a power bank. However, demanding games can't be play on it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

galaxy s8 active
  • Create hardware spec all around
  • Available on multiple US carrier
  • Not too bulky for a seriously rugged phone
  • Good battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is equipped with most hardware specs of Samsung's 2017 premium devices. This device is better furnished than its contemporaries durable phones. So right, you can play PBUG and defeat the Rockies with this particular phone.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

galaxy xcover 4
  • Programming shortcut key
  • Reasonably priced

  • Get chopp under load.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is the cheapest one in the list of rugged devices in the mobile market. Its unpolished plastic body will take bashing, coupled with IP68 water resistance and the design enables it to be used in harsh environments . The configurable physical key is a good amenity enabling you to open apps immediately. However, its performance is hindered out of the weak processor packed inside this device.

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Can you Believe it? LG V40 Tipped to Feature Five Cameras

LG V40 rumored to boast five cameras, face unlock and notched display

As the countdown to IFA 2018 trade fair which is set to kick off in late August begins, more information about unpublished falgships now surface everywhere on the internet. One of the most fascinating Android device that will probably be released in August, the LG V40 is gradually becoming household news courtesy of a series of leaked reports that give a clear picture of the smartphone.

LG V40 rumored to boast five cameras, face unlock and notched display

It was speculated that LG wants to keep on using the OLED panel in the V-series devices, and the V40 inclusive. Nevertheless, what we are not aware of is whether LG will add a notched display on the V40, but whatever choice the company makes, users will be able to conceal it, just as in G7’s.

AndroidPolice briefs that a source known with LG’s plan asserts the V40 will pack no fewer than five cameras, perhaps with a triple-camera configuration on the rear and a dual camera set up on the front. In addition, not less than one of the front cameras will enable users to unlock the V40 with their face. However, the triple camera set up on the back of the device will contain a standard wide lens, LG’s Ultra wide lens, and also a third sensor that we don’t have detailed information about.

Ordinarily, the LG V40 will be furnished with Qualcom’s snapdragon 845 processor, the company’s main Quad DAC, and a committed Google Assistant button. However, the rear of the device may be slightly clustered because of the added extra lens, LG has concluded to put the finger scanner on the back side too.

If perchance half of the information contained in this report happened to be correct in the end, LG are probably back in business, particularly if the V40 is going to be worth bargainly.

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Checkout 4 Cool Android Tweaks you can Perform With Developer Options

Probably, there are a lot of Android settings that you are unaware of, and there are also a bunch of settings not seen under the surface. They are called Developer Settings, and they are not seen by default, but we here to show you how to use them to make your phone run faster, smarter, and more.

Here’s how to make your Android faster with developer options

The Developer Settings can be turned on by going into the settings application on your phone and tap the "About device" section. Here, you will see your model number, phone version, and security patch level and other things. For today's topic, what we need is the Build number. When you touch it, a toast dialog will show at the lowest part of your screen saying that "you are now step(s) away from being a developer." Continue tapping until your screen shows that you are now a developer. Now go back to the main settings screen and under the about device should be a new entry for developer options.

enable develop mode

In this part, you need to be careful because few of these settings can do funny things on your phone. But don't be afraid, as they can also be switched off without stress. To start, swipe the switch at the top of the screen and touch "OK" in the dialog that display.

Make your Android Device Faster

A lot of folks have shared so many ways on how to make android device snappier, but with developer mode enabled, there are a lot of fun to catch with making your Android phone run faster.

turn on Android developer option

Move down until you locate a group of settings for 'window animation scale', 'transition animations scale', and 'animation duration scale'. Window animation scale influence the speed of pop-up windows, like the one that shows when you alter its setting. The second changes how snappy the system transition between different screens, like opening an app. The third influences the animation all through the system, like bringing down the notifications shade, touch a button, or removing an app via the recent apps screen.

developer option settings tp make android device faster

You should notice that by default all these settings is at 1x, or usual speed. Selecting a value larger than 1x will prolong the animation, whereas choosing one smaller than 1x is going to speed up the animation remarkably, and they can be turned off too. Animations is good, but the best option to speed up your phone is to turn them off, and you are going to notice how snappy your Android device are.

Other Tweaks in Developer m

Bringing to mind Samsung's ultra power saving mode which surfaced with the Galaxy S5, you can boost greyscale mode on your own device too. Find the "simulate color space" entry and tap on it to see the options. Along with the greyscale, there are a few others available which will alter how colors are packed when viewing your phone.

Though, having greyscale mode enabled won't extend battery life, as it is just a color simulation, it will still be nice to check out your gadget through another lens. It might also be of benefit reading write ups on the internet as any interfering ads would forfeit their color, and hence enjoy your phone with less distractions.

Checkout 4 Cool Android Tweaks you can Perform Using Developer Mode

View running services

There is "running services" close to the top of the developer options which when accessed, will permit you to view the apps and services that are consuming RAM anytime. It is fascinating to view which services are running that you may not notice. If you would like to end a service, touch it and select "stop". You can also stop the service if you feel that it is working when it is not necessary.

Make multitasking a requirement

There are a lot of apps that still do not support Android 7.0 Nougat's multitasking features. This can be corrected by moving all the way to the lowest part of the list and checking 'force activities to be resizable'. This action will force all app to be used in multitasking. It is important to note, nevertheless, that some apps is not going to work properly.

Anyway, we believe you are now aware of the numerous accessible developer options. Be informed that you can always turn them off by flipping the master switch at the top of the developer option screen. This will take every thing you did back to default, including Animation, the color space, e.t.c.

If you know any additional information on things the developer mode can do, feel free to tell us about it by commenting below.

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Infinix Rolls Another Update for the Note 4 Pro; Clears all Bugs

The whole Infinix Note 4 Pro family were elated when they got the Android 8.1 Oreo update few days ago, but little did they know that the software was bug-ridden. Almost all Note 4 Pro users where left frustrated, while some even downgraded back to Android Nougat.

Infinix Rolls Another Update for the Note 4 Pro; Clears all Bugs

Some of the issues encountered in this new Android 8.1 Oreo update for the Infinix Note 4 Pro includes sluggish charging, fingerprint malfunctioning and many more. But the good news now is that Infinix has fixed all these problems by rolling out another clean system update.

This latest updates returned a lot of apps that vanished on the previous update. It brings a smooth user interface (UI) and the latest VoLTE features for super stable calls.

This update Includes:
  • Additional file Go. New file manager function by Google
  • Additional screen recorder features
  • Xnote app is updated to V 1.9.7
  • Google GM package 8.1 is updated and many more.

You need about 400MB to install the update. And to do this, open your phone settings > about device > check for latest update. If it is available, tap the “download and install” button to have the stable Android 8.1 version on your Infinix Note 4 Pro device.

Once the update is fully and successfully installed, your phone will reboot and you have the Android 8.1 Oreo which is free from lagging, overheating, slow charging and any other issue.

Kindly share this post with friends, and if you still notice any bug, don't hesitate to notify us using the comment section below.

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New Instagram Update Adds Video Chat Feature With Upto 4 People

It's more and more features on Instagram. Despite the fact that the popular photo/video sharing platform has one billion active monthly users and estimated valuation at $100billion, they are still setting the pace. From today, you can now video chat on Instagram Direct with anyone you have an active Direct thread with. This could be face to face chat with an individual or a group of people, and it doesn't matter if the recipient uses an iPhone or an Android device.

New Instagram Update Adds Video Chat Feature With Upto 4 People

To start a video chat, simply slide into the Direct inbox and open any message thread, then hit the new camera icon and the phone of the users on the other end will begin to ring. Interestingly, you can minimize the picture when you're in the middle of a video chat to use other part of app to send a message, scan your feed and post a story without disrupting the video chat.

Instagram video chat

This new Instagram Video Chat feature initially shows just a member, then the video expands as more people join the chat, showing about 4 people simultaneously. Furthermore, this feature also allows you to join an active group video by going through the group thread. When the camera changes to blue, just touch the camera to join the group, while touching the red icon will disconnect you from the chat.

topic channel

Other added features includes the topic channels which can be found in the explore tab. When you open this tab, it will display an array of topic channels including the one called "For You" that highlights posts related to your interest. Other topic channels you will see are sports, beauty, animals, arts and more. To mute a channel that don't appeal to you, simply long press on the channel and touch mute. You can also "go deep into a specific interest" by touching on a channel and moving up.

new Instagram effects

Lastly, there are some new effects in the Instagram camera designed by NBA, Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, Liza Koshy and Buzzfeed. If you are following any of them, touch the face icon at the lowest part of the right corner to view them.

This new update has started rolling out, and will be available for both iOS and Android users.

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More Phones and OS That WhatsApp is About to Abandon; check Yours

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has publicised it intention to stop support for some smartphones, warning they'll no longer be able to use the app in the coming year.

whatsapp compatible and unsupported phones 2018

The Facebook-owned app will stop working on smartphones with older operating system. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp will not be accessible to users that can't upgrade their smartphones OS.

Written in a blog post which was silently published by the company: "if you currently use an older operating system, we recommend upgrading to a newer version"

Starting from December this year, the Nokia S40 won't be able to get WhatsApp support anymore. The following smartphones users will also be affected in Nigeria: Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus, HTC Evo 4G+, Huawei Mercury M886 and others running on Andrid 2.3 operating system or lesser.

In addition, the operating system of the phones listed below will no longer receive WhatsApp support.
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10
  • iPhone 3GS /iOS6
  • Android version older than 2.3.3
  • Window phone 8.0 and older.

The post added that the users of the following devices (listed below) won't be able to create a new account and some features may stop working at any moment.
  • Nokia S40 until December this year.
  • iOS7 and older until February, 2020
  • Android versions 2.3.7 and older until February, 2020.

The popular instant messenger advised users to upgrade to a newer version of window phone 8.1+, Android running operating system 4.0+ and iPhone running iOS 8+ to enjoy all WhatsApp features without restrictions.

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5 Easy Steps to Download iOS 12 Public Beta on Your iPhone and iPad

On june 4th, Apple publicized iOS 12 and the developer beta, but we had to wait for some weeks for the latter to be available for the public. Starting from today, users may now download the iOS 12 public beta on their supported iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

5 Easy Steps to Download iOS 12 Public Beta on Your iPhone and iPad

Download iOS 12 Beta

To download the iOS 12 public beta, simply go to beta.apple.com and enroll your device in Apple’s beta program. Then back up your iOS device through iTunes in order not to lose any important data or just in case you may want to downgrade back to iOS 11.4.

The next stage is to access beta.apple.com/profile via your iDevice. Download the profile, then move into the settings app and look for updates. The public beta should come up and give you chance to install it.

iOS 12 Features

Apple are bent on adjusting the overall performance of iOS across all supported devices this year, including all the devices up to iPhone 5S. Additional updates includes the Stock app, Siri, Augmented reality (AR), and iMessage. Read our full overview of iOS 12 here.

Mind you, you may encounter some bugs in normal usage of your phone if you install the iOS 12 public beta.

5 Easy Steps to get iOS 12 public beta

  1. Make a complete iTunes backup of your data when you want to install the beta software.
  2. Access Apple’s public beta page on the device you want to install the iOS 12 beta.
  3. Register your device by downloading the beta profile here.
  4. Go to settings > General > Software Update and then you would see the iOS 12 beta available for download. Tap the “download and install button.”
  5. After downloading, your device will reboot and will start running the beta software.

5 Easy Steps to Download iOS 12 Public Beta on Your iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 Public Beta

Here's how to download the iOS 12 public beta on your iPhone/iPad and downgrade if needed

How to Downgrade from iOS 12 Public Beta

Step #1
Go back to the backup as it is very important to downgrade from iOS 12.

Step #2
Join your device to a computer and start itunes.

Step #3
Put your phone into recovery mode:
  • For iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus users: Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • For iPhone 6S and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold the sleep/wake and home button at the same time. Dont release the button when you see the Apple logo, but continue holding until you see the recovery mode.
  • For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7S users: Press and hold the sleep/wake and volume down button simultaneously. Don’t release the button when you see the Apple logo, continue holding until it shows the recovery mode screen.

Step #4
iTunes will ask you to restore your device and therefore change it back to its factory settings

Step #5
Oncee your devices is back to factory settings. Sign up with your Apple ID and reset then put the backup data you did earlier.

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Samsung Phones That may Receive Android 8.0 Oreo Next Month

A small number of Samsung branded smartphones already received Android 8.0 Oreo updates, but there are still a lot that are yet to get it. Most of the devices from this South Korean company that haven't gotten Android 8.0 Oreo update belongs to the mid-class, no wonder they decided to leave them last.

A bunch of Samsung smartphones may receive Android 8.0 Oreo in July

Samsung Turkey is one of the channels that disseminate information about upcoming Android OS updates, and they've just announced a range of Samsung handsets that will receive Android 8.0 Oreo. Apart from the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that got the update at the beginning of this month, there are many Samsung phones that are set to get the update in the coming month.

Staring from July 6, Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, Galaxy A5 and A7 2017 would get android 8.0 Oreo updates as reported by the same source. It will be followed by the Galaxy J3 (SM-J330F), Galaxy J5 Pro, and Galaxy J7 Pro which should receive the same update from July 13.

Samsung Phones That may Receive Android 8.0 Oreo Next Month

Even though this information is related to the Turkish market, once these updates are out in a country, they will gradually move to more territories in the following weeks. Stay tunes for more details in the future.

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Truecaller DUMPS Windows Phone as Android Version Gets new Update

It's more and more woes to those running Windows OS on their devices as the developers of Truecaller has made-known it decision to stop supporting Windows Phone and channel its resources to the major mobile platforms in the market–Android and iOS. The CallerID app is a huge success in India and many other markets where it is used by millions to avoid spam calls.

Truecaller DUMPs Windows Phone as Android Version Gets new Update

Sad to know, the users of Windows operated smartphones won't be able to use all the features Truecaller has to offer. Those who are using Windows Phone devices now have to check numbers on Truecaller website, not with the app anymore.

Meanwhile, there has been a small update on the Android version of Truecaller which includes a latest block section that will allow you to easily control and manage your block list. In addition, the update also solves the problem of mark the SMS as read which doesnt working at times.

Unfortunately, this new update is yet to be on iOS devices, and there is no hope when, and if the latest block section will be in the Truecaller on the Apple store.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 may Come in Three Different Amazing Models

Few days ago, there was a report that Samsung would offer Galaxy S10 series in two sizes. Now, another reports from ETNews has established this and also disclosed same fascinating information about the camera setup.

Samsung Galaxy S10 may Come in Three Different Amazing Models
Samsung Galaxy S9+

Partly aligning with the most recent information, the latest report establishes that the smaller Galaxy s10 series will sport a 5.8-inch display. Nevertheless, when it comes to the larger offering, it is now attested that a 6.2-inch panel will be present in place of the 6.3-inch display that was earlier reported. In addition, the new report shows that Samsung has a few big camera upgrades in the works, with intention to be available in the whole three versions which have “beyond 0,” “beyond1,” “Beyond 2” as their code name.

Beginning with the first version, this series will roll out with the smaller 5.8-inch panel though, surprisingly, it won’t be a dual-edge display. Rather, the company will hold on to a more usual flat display. Also, the camera set up has a single sensor on the rear, hence replacing as a low cost alternative to this year’s Galaxy S9. Currently, it’s not certain if any major upgrade will be included, but the lens will supposedly keep its changeable aperture nature.

Proceeding to “Beyond 1,” this version is likely to include a dual-edge 5.8 inches infinity display and not similar to the first offering. It will feature a dual camera set-up similar to this year’s Galaxy S9+. Finally, rounding up the lineup is the model that posseses a bigger 6.2-inch display and obviously a notable camera upgrade that look similar to Huawei P20 Pro that was publicized at MWC 2018. The larger Galaxy S10 smartphones codenamed “Beyond 2” is likely to contain a new triple-cam setup on the rear, with perhaps removing of a mian variable lens couple with a telephoto one and a new wide-angle sensor.

Regard to the fact that Galaxy Note 9 is yet to be released it’s quite early to ascertain whether or not this report is correct. Although, if it is true, it will be the second time Samsung choose to release three galaxy in a year, with the company first time back in 2015 when they released the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Egde Plus.

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New Features hit Messenger Kids as it Expands to More Countries

Last year in the United State, Facebook introduced Messenger Kids, an harmless version of the popular Messenger app for kids interested in chatting with intimate friends and family. The glad tiding is the children friendly app has recently been made available in Canada and Peru with new added features in too.

New Features hit Messenger Kids as it Expands to More Countries

In addition, facebook also plans to make the app available in Spanish and French languages in all the three countries where the app has been introduced.

Messenger Kids app now has a new features which includes a latest choice named “pledge,” born as a result of collaboration between a global group of advisor, Facebook and researchers from the Yale centre for emotional intelligence. This new “pledge” option is alleged to teach children to be friendly, generous, safe and humble but also catch fun when they can.

The new set of photo stickers that were purposely created to inspire friendliness, generosity towards others is the “kindness sticker”. Once the users updates to the latest Messenger Kids version, they will be able to use the feature. Lastly, the upcoming features is the “appreciation mission” which has not yet been released. But as the name goes, it is mainly an interactive guide within the app that teaches children to realize and show gratitude to their pals and family.

Even though only two new features were released today and one is on its way soon, Facebook promises to further improve on the Messenger Kids app and regulate it based on parent and expert reviews. Keep your finger crossed for the new changes coming soon.

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Alcatel 1 Unveiled as one of the Cheapest Android Go Smartphones

Alcatel 1x is the cheapest android smartphone ever produced by the Chinese company, but this may change very soon has the company is introducing yet another low-cost Android Go device, which will be probably cheaper than 1x.

Alcatel 1 Unveiled as one of the Cheapest Android Go Smartphones

The new smartphone Alcatel 1 is to become the cheapest Android GO device launched by its China-based manufacturer. The phone was lately seen in Russia, but there is no detail information about its availability and price. Anyway, it will runs on Android Oreo (GO edition) and sport a 5-inch display with 480 × 960 pixels resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. Since it is relatively cheap, the device has a camera setup of 5-megapixel rear shooter and a 2-megapixel front lens for selfie.

Alcatel 1

The inner chipset is produced by Mediatek packed with 4 cores that runs at 1.3GHz. This is added with 1GB RAM and 8GB enlargeable storage, the device offers LTE support with dual SIM features. It will be available in gold, blue and black in case you might want to get one when it is on sales.

Eagerly waiting for Alcatel to announce the price of its latest Android GO device.

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Upcoming Update to add BIG Camera Improvements to Huawei P20 Pro

The Hauwei P20 Pro comes with a special camera set up, but the device video capturing abilities are nothing compare to its admirable still image skill. Anyway, an upcoming firmware update may be the solution to this problem or maybe boost the Huawei P20 Pro’s video recording capabilities with an ultra slow-motion mode that will allow users instinctively record video in up to 960 frames per seconds. The soon-to-be-released feature was seen by people over at XDA and will allegedly be introduced onto the triple-cam smartphone later in the year.

Upcoming Update to add BIG Camera Improvements to Huawei P20 Pro

Few months ago, South Korean giant–Samsung introduced a similar feature on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ with its “camera reimagined” awareness which was made available to the public, whereas Sony went a step further by introducing 960fps video capturing at 1080p. As devices chipset become more developed, such features are becoming more common, so it is not a big deal that Huawei also used similar features in its newest devices. Although it is still deficient in Samsung smart action detection that kicks the slow motion into use.

Well, the way S9 model's attempt to detect motion was not quite impressive but counting on Huwaei to improve on this with the update. The shortcomings with this feature is that you have a fraction of seconds to tap the record button. Smart detection does help on S9 models when its work but it doesn’t work often in the way you want it to.

Another change in the update for P20 pro as released by the XDA community is the redesigned zoom interface, which allows you to move in the camera viewfinder to smoothly zoom in and out on a target. This feature will supposedly act related to LG’s point zoom features on the V30.

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4 now Launched: Best Value for Money

Last month, Xiaomi was reported to have conquered the Europe’s mobile market. It’s expected to continue its explore towards the US shore as its device are among the the best bargain for money at the moment. Not long ago, the boss promised not to go beyond the 5% gain benchmark, which tell more why their devices are relatively cheap, meanwhile he has become the CEO in history with the largest bonus of $1.5billion.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4 now Launched: Best Value for Money

For example, the Mi Mix 2s that has 82% screen to body ratio even without much relevance, comes with snapdragon 845 processor, a ceramic body, and cost as low as 499 euro/USD, whereas the Redmi Note 5 pro, which the OnePlus 6 is only better than with just a faster chipset, can be gotten half that price. Come the latest budget warrior of Xiaomi–the Redmi 6 pro and the Mi pad 4 tablet.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Specs

The sixth generation of the budget warrior of the Xiaomi Redmi line with a notch to go with, has a fairly compact FHD+ 5.8 incher enclosed in a metal body, with a finger scanner on the back, a respectable snapdragon 625 processor. 4GB RAM/64GB internal storage is present, and is powered by a 4000mAh battery typical of the Redmi line with a camera set up of a new dual 12MP+5MP Camera on the back, can be gotten at $400 price.

Wallet-friendly Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4 are officialRedmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4

redmi 6 pro

xiaomi redmi 6 pro

Not to mention that the device also has a face unlock features just like the selfie type, and some kind of A1 that Xaomi has been working on in the last year or so, chiefly for the camera modes with the latest twist of standalone microSD slot. To solve the problem of having to choose between a second sim or a memory card.

Mi Pad 4 Specs

Xiaomi also launched the Mi pad 4 – the latest in its android tablet line. The 8 inches devices comes with 1920 × 1200 display, an octa-core snapdragon 660 2.2GHz processor, 4GBRAM and 64GB internal storage, and an active 6000mAh battery. It has a megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel back camera. It comes in both WiFi and LTE version.

xiaomi mi pad 4

These two devices are in the mobile market at the moment. The WiFi version of Mi pad 4 goes for $170 in China and extra $50 for the LTE version with more memory.

The Redmi 6 pro 3GB/32GB goes for $153, while the 4GB/32GB model and top shelf 4GB/64GB one go for $185 and $200 respectively. Not to mention that when these babies arrive in the West you would have to pay 20-30% more of the china price, which is still the best bargain, especially if you are in need of a plain simple metal phone.

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Leaked Specs of the First Samsung Phone to run Android Go Edition

There were reports few days ago that Samsung was preparing its first smartphones to run the Android Go edition. The device was allegedly tested in different countries around the world, although no further details was released about the phone. Thankfully, a new spec sheet has leaked online which shows us some interesting specs and hardware information of the upcoming phone.

Leaked Specs of the First Samsung Phone to run Android Go Edition

In respect to the information gotten before, the new phone with the model number SM-J260 has 1GB of RAM and a quad core Exynos 7570 processor. This could be a bit changed version produced to run on Android GO devices explicitly. Also, it's now certain that the phone has 16GB of internal storage and will supposedly be enlarged through microSD.

Moreover, the camera set up is confirmed to include a decent 5megapixel front camera with a rear 8megapixel camera. Samsung will be using AMOLED display when it comes to the external aspects for a device that is just 5 inches in size, which will run on an Android 8.1 Oreo versions perfectly in with the Android Go speculation and powered by a 2600mAh battery.

The spec sheet of Samsung's first Android Go device has just appeared online

Presently, it is a important to note that these specs highlighted is for the SM-J2605 type of the smartphone that is being experimented in various European market at this time. Talking about the SM-J260G and SM-J260M models, nevertheless, it is still unclear if these will change a bit or not. Whatever the case maybe, we should be expecting the South Korean giant to launched the smartphone officially very soon.

Contrary to a lot of Samsung's entry-level Android smartphone that use the largely customized Samsung experience UI, this new device is set to be ran on a stripped back version of stock Android 8.1Oreo and if this is correct. It could an important improvement to performance and lead way for other stock Android devices from the telecom Giant in the later years.

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Shocking! NCC to Increase Price of Data to 250MB for N1000

Back in the month of May, there were reports that the prices for data bundles and calls will be increased if Section 24 of cybercrime 2015 Act is implemented. Now, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) preparing a data price list which will be released soon, as confirmed by the Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta.

Shocking! NCC to Increase Price of Data to 250MB for N1000

If the Cybercrime Prohibition and Prevention Act 2015 are eventually implemented, it won't be funy at all because we'll be paying upto 4 times more than what we're paying now for monthly data. We’ll likely be getting 250MB for N1000 with 30 days validity and 10MB data plan at N100 to last you for a day, while calls may be charged at 1naira/sec.

The new price may not correspond exactly with the one stated above, but what is sure is that it'll increase and you shouldn't expect anything cheaper than what you're currently paying for data. We've seen so many weird steps the government in some African countries use to regulate internet usage; like the Ugandans who pay tax of 200 shillings daily just to access social media, and many other crazy stuffs like that.

It seems Nigeria is also heading to that direction, and despite the recent complaints by subscribers that data bundles are expensive, the NCC wants to add salt to the wound by further increasing it. Professor Danbatta made the disclosure on Thursday during his induction as a Fellow of the Nigeria Academy of Engineering (NAE).

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YouTube Tackles Instagram TV With new Monetization Option

Despite the fact that video creators on YouTube already have a solid way to monetize their contents, the popular video sharing platform is set to release yet another system to help vloggers and other content creators on the platform to earn more moeney. This new monetization option will be mostly beneficial to those who have YouTube channels with huge followers, and it is very similar to what Facebook announced for group admins to profit.

YouTube Tackles Instagram TV With new Monetization Option

YouTube's new monetization option is called Channel Membership, where viewers will have to pay a monthly recurring fee of $4.99 (N1800) to get unique badges, new emoji, members-only posts in the Community tab, and access to unique custom perks offered by creators, such as exclusive live streams, extra videos, or shout-outs.

According to YouTube, this new channel membership feature will be available to channels with more than 100,000 subscribers, while channels which base in the United States with more than 10,000 subscribers will also be eligible. The Google-owned company—YouTube, in partnership with Teespring, is also offering creators an easy method to design and sell merchandise as twenty items will be available for customization.

YouTube Premieres

In addition, YouTube is also prepping the release of Premieres – a new way for creators to upload content to YouTube, which allows creators share pre-recorded videos as a live moment. The company is also set create a public landing page to ginger viewers for a new content when creators want to release a premier video.

The new Super Chat and Channel Membership will work with Premieres. Also, few days ago, we reported that YouTube was revamping its messaging function with loads of renamed tabs.

It seems YouTube is packing all these new features to destabilize the recently launched Instagram TV from gaining grounds. IGTV is a new feature which comes with its own seperate app, allowing 60 minutes long videos with monetization options in line. Will this actually work?

source: YouTube

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