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How To Hide Your Phone's Text Messages

Text messages is one of the most important medium of communication for cell phone users because it's cheap and easy. But there are some serious aspects about it that many people are ignorant of.

Do you know that someone
can your bank accounts details by reading your bank SMS notifications? Some people have fallen victim of this
and still don't know how their account was compromised.
Though banks have started hiding some numbers from
people's account number
whenever they send statement of accounts or alerts but some dangerous ha.ckers can still make use of the few information they got from the SMS to attack you.

Do you know your Facebook (or any other social media)
account can be penetrated because your SMS wasn't hidden from unknown person?
Facebook occasionally sends notification and sometimes verification codes to the
number associated with your account. Someone can make use of those information to intrude into your account.

hide your sms

Your Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts can also be ha.cked via your SMS. Leaving details of your email creation which
includes password, username or verification code is very risky and an unsuspecting ha.cker can use it against you and you know what it means when your private mail account is compromised.

These are just few stuffs that can hurt you when you fall a victim to them because of your negligence about locking and hiding your private text messages from intruders.

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There are different methods and apps used in
locking your private messages and applications but the one am going to give you here is very
reliable and trusted. It has
many more serious features that will guarantee optimal security of your phone's privacy.

The app in mention is Message Lock (SMS Lock)

Features Of Message Lock:
- It is easy to use
- It has new locking engine
- Improvements on android 5.0 and above stability
- It support Fingerprint unlock in Samsung Devices with a Fingerprint Scanner, also in Tecno Phantom 5
- Improve stability in Huawei, ZTE, MIUI and Smartisan
- Support retrieve
password in case you forgot
the password Including other

++ Download SMS Text Message Locker Apk android app here
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2 Responses to "How To Hide Your Phone's Text Messages"

  1. try message locker instead of hiding messages. Thats better option. Because if you hide the messages there is possibility that some one can find out the trick. But for locked messages or sms no one can enter the wrong pin to unlock your massages.


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