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Google Is Creating Fuchsia Operating System - Will This Replace Android?

Google is obviously planning to take over the world, as the company has invested in nearly all industries, from education to robotics and space race. Now with a new operating system called Fuchsia which Google is building from scratch, things are getting more interesting.

The all-new kernel called Magenta is been used for Fuchsia, it boots on x86 & ARM, and Google said they’ve already been able to boot this new OS from the Raspberry Pi. Some prominent people like Travis Geiselbrecht and Brian Swetland are also involved in the creation of Fuchsia operating system. So we hope to expect something spectacular.
fuchsia operating system

Scheduled for release in 2017, Fuchsia will unify Chrome and Android OS, creating a single and more powerful operating system which will probably be used to power up the ever-increasing range of smart hardware devices, such as the OnHub router, as well as 3rd party Internet of things gadgets.

Experts agree that Fuchsia’s core code has a lightweight design, based on its preliminary evaluation of the code base of the project. Google’s own documentation says that the OS will target modern phones and personal computers that ride on fast processors and a significant amount of RAM.

Fuchsia has support for multiple advanced features, such as a capability-centered security model and user modes. All thanks goes to Magenta (the kernel which Fuchsia runs on) for offering these features.

Until we officially hear from Google, we can't be certain of what Fuchsia operating system has to offer. Kindly subscribe via email to get updates!
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