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All Free and Cheap Internet Data Offers in Nigeria for 2018

No matter the situation of the economy, we must surely find a way to browse. But while the official daily, weekly or monthly data plans seems to be a bit expensive, you can resort to other subscription promos and free data offers.

Here in this post, i have compiled a long list of free and cheap internet data offers for Android, iOS and desktop device users. It contains some data plans and freebies from MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel and Ntel which you may have probably not heard of. Let's get started.

9mobile ₦200 for 1GB / ₦1500 for 10GB

9mobile #200 for 1gb, 10gb for 2000

This actually selects SIM, but if you're eligible you'll enjoy 1gb for just N200 which is valid for 3 days. To check your eligibilty status, simply dial *929*10#; if your reply is “You have insufficient balance…,” then you are good to go, but anything not related to this message means you are not eligible.

Once the 1GB data finishes, you can resubscribe again to get more, and with this, you can activate 10GB of data for a total of ₦1500 which will last for 30 days when you re-subscribe to this plan ten times.

Recharge ₦200 and dial *929*10# to activate now!

Airtel 1GB for ₦500

airtel 1gb for N500

Airtel users can enjoy this cheap 1gb data for N500 on SmartTrybe. You can migrate to SmartTrybe tariff plan for free by dialing *312#, the select option 1 to opt-in.

After successfully migrating, simply dial the same *312#, but this time, select option 2 to activate Airtel N500 for 1GB data bonus offer.

MTN 2000% Instant Bonus Offer

mtn 2000% instant welcome back bonus offer
This is a welcome back bonus for MTN subscribers who have not used their MTN line in 45 – 180 days. With this 2000% (20x) bonus:
  • ₦100 recharge will give you
    N2000; where #500 is allocated for calls, and #1500 for data.
  • ₦200 recharge will offer you N4000 bonus; where #1000 is allocated for calls & #3000 for data.
  • ... and many more

The initial amunt you recharged won’t be deducted, while the bonus will be used to browse, text and call. Simply go look for your old MTN SIM and recharge to enjoy. Dial *559*65# to check your balance.

Airtel 4G Free 4GB Data Bonus Offer

airtel 4g free 4gb data

Airtel recently rolled-out its 4G network service in Nigeria, and as an incentive to use it, they are dishing out free 4GB data and 25% data bonus to users who switch to Airtel 4G.

To get yours, walk into any Airtel office close to you and swap your current SIM or simply get a new 4G SIM, then the free 4GB data will be smilling at you. Dial *140# to check your data balance.

Double Data Offers

  • Airtel

    airtel double data

    Airtel double data offer has serious eligibility issues, but if your SIM is whitelisted, you will be able to enjoy:
    1. ₦200 for 500mb (3 days)
    2. ₦500 for 1.87gb (14 days)
    3. ₦1000 for 3.75gb (Monthly)
    4. ₦2000 for 8.75GB (Monthly)

    Dial *144# and the list of these above listed data plans will pop up, otherwise you'll get another message if you're not eligible.
  • MTN

    many double data

    There have been so many tricks to get MTN double data, but the official method is to buy a new SIM card and you'll get 100% double of whatever data plan you subscribe for.

    Alternatively, if you don't want to get a new line, simply send DOUBLE to 131, then PROMO to 131, and lastly, text FREE to 131. You will get three replies shortly, then proceed to dial *131# and purchase any data plans from the list. To check doubled data enter *131*4#.
  • 9Mobile

    9mobile double data

    There is no case with eligibility for 9mobile double data. Just migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1#, then once again dial *545# and choose the option for 100% double data offer.

    You can now subscribe to 9mobile data plan (50MB to 500MB) via *200# and watch it been immediately doubled. To check your data balance, dial *228#.
  • Glo

    glo double data

    Glo double data is one of the easiet, simply buy any Glo official data plan by dialling *777#, then enable auto-renewal. Once the previously bought data finishes, the next data plan that will be auto-renewed, will be automatically doubled.

    Dial *127*0# to check your balance.

Airtel 6GB for N1500

airtel 6gb for N1500

The data is strictly for Airtel users who received a message saying: “Enjoy Airtel 6GB Monthly Data Plan for N1500. Simply dial…,” simply go ahead and activate it by dialing *440*161#.

If you're not sure whether you received the message or not, you can verify your eligibility by dialling the above code without having credit on your line. If your reply is "Dear customer, you are not eligible for this offer...," that says it all. But if you get “insufficient credit” response, then you can go ahead and recharge to activate it.

9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof

9mobile heavyweight awoof

This heavyweight awoof offers 250% bonus on recharges to call any network, free 1GB data, as well as free weekly chat pak and ₦500 for 1GB data subscription advantage for the first 30 days.

These freebies are available to new 9Mobile customers. Just visit any 9mobile experience centre and get the heavyweight Awoof SIM to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

Airtel SmartRecharge Offer

airtel smartrecharge offer

The Airtel smartrecharge is available to both new and existing customers, offering you 10 times the value of your recharge to browse and call all networks.
  • ₦100 recharge will give you N500 for calls and N500 for data.
  • ₦200 recharge will offer N1000 calls & another N1000 for data.
  • With ₦500 recharge, you'll get N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data.
  • ... and many more

To activate, recharge your line using this code: *220*Recharge PIN#.

The ‘Wicked’ Airtel 2G Plans

airtel 2GB and 6GB 2G network data plans

Back in June 2016, Airtel released two crazy data plans that offers 2GB for just ₦200 and 6GB for ₦500. However, the ‘wicked’ Airtel restricted it to work ONLY on 2G network which is very slow.

Any way, if you don't mind the speed, dial *482# and select 1 to subscribe for the 2gb for N200, or select 2 to activate the 6gb for N500: the former is valid for 10 days, while the second plan lasts for 25 days. After subscribing, go to your phone's Setting > Mobile Networks > set Preferred Network to 2G and start blazing the web.

Night Data Plan

  • Airtel

    airtel night plan

    Airtel night plan offers N25 for 500MB which is valid from 12am to 5am, and N200 for 1.5GB usable at 12am till 5am. To activate, migrate to Airtel smartTrybe by dialing *312# and select 1 option. Now dial *312# again and select option 3 for Trybe Night Browsing, then select your preferred night plan.
  • MTN

    MTN night plan also costs ₦25 for 500MB valid from 12pm to 4am same day of subscription. Simplu text NIGHT to 131 and you are good to go.

Ntel Free 23GB Data

ntel free 23gb wawu sim bonus

With the Ntel WAWU SIM, you'll get free 1GB for your immediate use after you buy the SIM, another 10GB when you register it, free ₦1000 airtime and 500% data bonus.

After you exhaust the initial 11GB data, use your free ₦1000 airtime to subscribe for Ntel 2GB, and it will be converted to 12GB thanks to the 500% data bonus. In total, you have 23GB free data.

MTN Yafun Yafun and Free WhatsApp

mtn yafun yafun free whatsapp

With MTN Yafun Yafun which was formerly known as Starter Pack, you'll get 8 times recharge bonus and free WhatsApp data to chat and update status.

This bonus is only available to new customers whose SIM(s) are not up to 6 months old. With it, your N100 recharge will be converted to ₦800, not forgeting the free WhatsApp access for a whole week.

Data Yakata

data yakata: cheap mtn, glo, airtel, and 9mobile SME resell and share data

This is the biggest, largest and finest data market in Nigeria, where you can buy very cheap data for any network, which is helping a lot of people. Now that our network providers are hyking the price of their data plans, Data Yakata is the refuge you should run to for all your data needs.

With MTN 1GB data as low as ₦600, Glo 2GB data priced at ₦900, Airtel 1.5GB at ₦950, and 9Mobile 1GB valued at ₦800. See full data list and how to buy here.

This post will be updated from time to time, I advice you bookmark it. Kindly support me by sharing this post with friends on social media, and by dropping your comments down below - they are very important. Also, if you know any free or cheap internet data offer which is not included here, feel free to tell us via comments. Cheers!

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13 Responses to "All Free and Cheap Internet Data Offers in Nigeria for 2018"

  1. Wow. Cheap plans plenty oh! Let me go for that 9mobile N200 for 1gb. Thanks Techpaded

    1. Cool. You can resubscribe to get more data - even more than 10 times a month for 10gb or more.

  2. I miss techpaded for these kinds of posts. Please be posting free browsing cheats na 🙏🙏

    1. Sure bro! I'll always update all TechpAddicts with sure tweaks! Stay tuned bro.

  3. Elizabeth ChiomaApril 21, 2018

    Oga Gideon, where can i get Ntel SIM.. 23gb must no pass me by...

    1. lagos, PH and Abuja are d main cities. But visit to find other retailers near u.

      Girl no like free data oo 😂

  4. That airtel 2g plan is just making me angry!! Thats pure wickedness!! ����

    1. Lol. Java and Symbian phone users will enjoy it. However, so android users don't actually mind.

      That's why they say “one man's meat is another man's poison.”

      Kindly share this post bro and stayed tuned.

  5. That 9mobile 2GB for #200, will it work if i buy a new sim?

    1. There is no guarantee bro! But some people are saying if it doesn't work on ur (current) sim, try d code again on saturday and sunday!

      So try subscribe today (which is saturday) lets see.

  6. Airtel is realy bad here in Imo state. Haaa!! 😫😫

  7. Wow! 9mobile heavyweight awoof SIM -

    i'm coming for u!

  8. I love this website so much! Kip up the good work Gideon


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