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How to Stop Cell Standby From Draining Your Smartphone Battery

You fully charged your phone, left it idle then later came back to check it, only to see that the battery has dropped mysteriously. This is one of the worst things all smartphone owners never want to experience. Well, you can always check your battery usage report to see the apps that drain it, then uninstall them or limit their use. But what if you find out it's Cell standby that is killing your battery?

How to Stop Cell Standby From Draining Your Smartphone Battery

Cell standby is one of the major causes of smartphone battery drain, and a lot of users are having serious issues with it. The battery will keep going down even when you're not pressing the phone, which is just abnormal.

What is Cell Standby

Cell Standby is simply the power your phone is using to search for signal – this will make your phone extremely hot sometimes if it is searching for an extended period of time.

How to Stop Cell Standy From Draining Your Phone Battery

Method 1: Change preferred network

  • Open the dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*
  • Click on Phone information
  • Find set preferred network type, choose the one that suits you. I changed mine from TD-SCDMA, GSM/WCDMA and LTE to LTE/WCDMA
  • Reboot the phone and cell standby battery draining issue is gone.

Cell Standby From Draining Your Phone Battery

Method 2: Turn off WiFi in sleep mode

Do you use Wi-Fi connection? If yes, it's important to change the wifi setting so that it turns off when the phone is not being used/asleep. To do this:
  • Go to settings > WLAN > Advanced settings > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > select “Never”. In same menu, you can turn off “Always allow scanning” and “Network notification”.

Method 3: Switch SMS Messaging app

This method is a miracle worker for some people. You only need to switch your SMS Messaging app from 3 party to the default messaging app. If you use Hangout, (FB) Messenger, or any other app, simply change it back to the default Messages and your phone battery drain problem is solved. Go to your SMS settings to do this.

With these three methods listed above, at least one or two will surely work for you. Kindly share and tell us how it went.

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