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Reloaded! Mtn 2go Mb Tweak Is Once Again Working

Another Imei to tweak, and it is called 2go mb imei tweak. Some days ago, i dropped mtn 101mb imei tweak and now you can enjoy this 2go mb which is capped 3gb + 60mb.

It doesn't end there, you can retweak the imei to get more mb (upto 5gb) plus extra mtn bonus blast mb which last time tweakers got!

mtn 2go mb

you can learn how to tweak imei here.

How To Tweak 2go Imei For Free Mb:
1. Tweak this imei 86648001305****.
2. Add any 4 numbers you know
to make it 15digits.
3. Then tweak! (see above link if you don't knw how to tweak)
4. Now go to your message box and send LYTE TO 131

How To Check Your 2go Mb Balance:
- dial 5596# to check 2go 3GB or send 2 To 131 to check 60Mb.

Enjoy your mb. And kindly share this post (click on d share button below). Comment your testimonies oo! :D
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22 Responses to "Reloaded! Mtn 2go Mb Tweak Is Once Again Working"

  1. working wela..i neva gave up to receive mine after i had tweaked 4 m0re dan w0rk dude

  2. Gideon KachiMarch 27, 2016

    Enjoy bro!! And thanks for commenting.

  3. CallephoneMarch 27, 2016

    Confirm 1 popcheat. 3gb activated nd working without 3rd party app

  4. Nice update admin. When will i get blast mb?

  5. Nice update admin. When will i get blast mb?

  6. Am new in tweaking, can anyone help me out

  7. Gideon KachiMarch 27, 2016

    you'll get your blast mb soon! Maybe next month.

  8. Gideon KachiMarch 27, 2016

    are you using a MTK android device, or?

  9. Yes@ Gideon

  10. Gideon KachiMarch 27, 2016

    Then use MTK engineering mode. Refer to the link in the post or click here
    tweak safely bro!

  11. Thanks Gideon! I've received mine. Tweaking is fun though :D

  12. pls help oo when i twerk it keep saying you are eligiable

  13. Gideon KachiMarch 28, 2016

    Change the imei and try again! Just keep trying.

  14. please can someone send a tweaked imei to this email my own tweak ain't working.

  15. Gideon KachiMarch 30, 2016

    please use the provided one above! i'll get back to soon.

  16. Pls can someone send me a valid imei to tweak...i have tried lot of different imei numbers but still its telling me i am only eligible to use it once,my email add is

  17. itz lavilleApril 04, 2016

    Oga Gid am using chamelephon to tweak instead of mtk I hope its still ok and good as mtk

  18. Gideon KachiApril 04, 2016

    Yes @itz laville, infact it's even more faster & precise than MTK.
    Hope it went well?

  19. itz lavilleApril 04, 2016

    Oga Gid pls I don't no or understand how to make it 5gb pls help

  20. Gideon KachiApril 04, 2016

    @itz laville,
    Retweak the imei. Or wait for blast mb!

  21. how can I twerk?

  22. Gideon KachiApril 27, 2016

    @Omotayo ,
    Please follow the link in the post to know how to tweak!


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