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You Can Enjoy Mtn Musicplus 150mb For Just N15 (Renewable)

Now that mtn has successfully turned bblit into a valueless plan by reducing the data cap which was formerly 5gb now to 10mb.
Hahaha! What do they expect us to do with 10mb on our smartphone?
disappointed, as mtn devalue bblite

But there is a great substitute for this devalued bblite which is the mtn musicplus subscription of N15 for 150mb!

Benefits Of This Mtn Musicplus:
Let's assume you got 150mb
more than SEVEN times, you'll
only spend N105. And you'll get 1050mb (150mb x 7) which is approximately 1gb!

With this, you can also get huge 4GB with only N420

How To Subscribe To Mtn Musicplus Reloaded:
I used the word 'reloaded' because it is kind of different from the other musicplus tricks I posted! I'm 100% certain that this trick will satisfy your internet needs! (mtn no fit block everything na)
mtn musicplus 150mb for N15 trick

1. Make sure you have at least
N15 credit in your MTN line

2. Now, send C to 5900 via sms.

3. N15 will be deducted from your line and you will be given 150mb.


- Once you have exhaust the initial 150mb and you want to renew it, simply Send cancel7c to 5900 and this will allow you to unsubscribe from the plan.

- Now send C to 5900 to get another 150mb with another N15.

Do the above steps again to get more mb. And comment if you have any questions or encounter any problem! Don't forget to share oo. #PopCheat4Life
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8 Responses to "You Can Enjoy Mtn Musicplus 150mb For Just N15 (Renewable)"

  1. Is goood

  2. Nice one Gideon! This is a better substitute. Nice update

  3. Please what's d simpleserver settings?

  4. This makes sense bro! Can i subscribe 2gb @ once?

  5. Gideon KachiMarch 29, 2016

    Yes you can! Just repeat the steps above. It will cost only N210

  6. Kudos! It makes brain. Keep up your good work!

  7. Gideon KachiApril 01, 2016

    Lol, enjoy!

  8. sunday davidJune 11, 2016

    well d cheat is cool


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